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Monthly Post Leaderboard how its work

Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by Husam, 14 September 2018.

  1. Top Poster of Month allows you to compete to become the winner of this contest here the page where you can check if you are in the top 10.
    You will get a special bannerTMPW.jpg under your name for a month till someone post more than you in the second month it will be removed.
    To be in the top 10 you have to post in:
    To be fair Public threads in main forum only the messages will be counted.
    Area 51 is a private threads post will not be counted.
    Private conversation post will not be counted.
    The system updating every 5 minutes.
    Good Luck All
    note this will be checked by the staff members if there is any updates info
    Last edited: 15 September 2018
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  2. BUT IMHO the system isnt very representative of the conversations going on.

    It includes conversations for space launches, that ought to be in area 51.
    It includes posts of one word.

    Bit like the alliance leaderboard. Needs to be rethought.
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  3. Is it new ? ? I didn't know that we were able to see all previous top posters !
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  5. Not new and there is many pages you have to discover in the forum and maybe few members now about it and dont ask me keep search every where ;)
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  6. Nav has been the most prolific poster for months. Running his own launch group thread 24/7 would contribute significantly :wacky:.
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  7. ah ah ! please @Husam , show me all that I have to discover :D !
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  8. If you read what Husam said, he said go and look for yourself! NOT ask him to do it for you!
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  9. yes ! that's exactly why I asked him ah ah :D !
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  11. Bigglesbaz

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    Windows PC
    I use that one LOL :) :) Still get it all down me shirt. LOL :)
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