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Massive sale 12 Oct

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by javi, 12 October 2018.

  1. javi

    javi 600+ Star Club Active Member

    Javi+ items needed
    I am not 100% sure from last price, but it seems it increases 4 times.
    If I convert it is about 20 US$.
    The fuel amount and cash are not huge. You can take a silver membership and will get much more fuel for that price.
    I was buying the last offers, but not anymore at this price.
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  2. Still 5 euros for me

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  3. javi

    javi 600+ Star Club Active Member

    Javi+ items needed
    arrgh for me 20CHF and only 1300 fuel
    Maybe GI noticed that we pay ver4ything more expensive in Switzerland :eek:
  4. javi

    javi 600+ Star Club Active Member

    Javi+ items needed

    I got only 50 % discount.
    I am wondering what are the criteria. Maybe because I bought the 2 last ones.
  5. Dunno on the criteria. I don’t like those anyway as the fuel goes straight in your tank and can’t be stored, and the greenies...I can get 20 for £5 or I can wait until next weekend and get 110 for £10. “Massive Sale” Doesn’t seem like great value!
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  6. Hi,
    Perhaps the offer is made randomly. I have a different offer for each of my two accounts which corresponds with both you describe above.
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  7. Canadian Cowboy

    Canadian Cowboy Well-Known Member

    Cowboy Roper
    I liked the old offer better too. 2000 fuel and five greenies for $9.99 Canadian was a good deal and well in my budget.
  8. Mine is 27.00$ cad for 1300/25. Sometime, I get the 2000/20 for 22.00$.

    Notice the Green amount between the offers. There is also another one much smaller like 1000/5 for 5.99$ iirc.
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  9. So I should be most screwed from this offer: 900 fuel + 10 greenies for 5.49 eur
  10. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    Not as bad as the 1,300 fuel for GBP 19.99 for some of us in the UK.

    I normally take these offers, but not this time. I'll give it a miss and benefit from not losing 42 videos (which are worth more than 1,300 fuel to me).
  11. I got 1100 fuel for £9.99 and I don't think it is worth buying this time. I hope Ivan sees this post as I would have bought the 2000 fuel every time.
  12. Im 2000/20 for 4.99€. Makes mine look really . Could be as i have only bought it once!

    Still cheaper to wait for 330 greens for 30€
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  13. Bigglesbaz

    Bigglesbaz VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Same here. I wait for the Greenie discount and get the 330. Fuel can quickly accumulate, but getting greenies is like pulling an Elephant through a 4" pipe. Baz :)
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  14. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:Quote of the day!!!
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  15. User2375

    User2375 Active Member

    I was offered 500 fuel and 3 greens for £3.99 UK pounds
  16. I have a feeling that they raise the price little bit as you spend more money on them..
    FYI, the offer I received was 2000 fuel + 20 greenies for 6500 KRW, which is about 5 Euros, slightly less than $6.
    Didn't take the offer because of the reduced video as @A Merryflyer mentioned.
  17. Yes! :cry:
  18. I think the theories here are correct. I haven't spent US .01 on the game and my massive sale is 2000 fuel and 20 AC for US $5. Almost tempting......
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  19. Boba Fett 132

    Boba Fett 132 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    This used to be $5 US. I bought it every time. Now it’s $10 US and I’m not going to buy. Would they like my $5 every time or my $10 none of the time?
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  20. that's really strange javi. im also from switzerland but i had another discount :eek: i will see how much discount i will get next time and will ask you again
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