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Luna cph lvl 5 alliance looking for members

Discussion in 'Alliances' started by Luna cph, 12 August 2018.

  1. Hello all. Ive played ac for around a year now, and im lvl 78 (halfway to 79). Im a gold member, and tomorrow my alliance will be lvl 5. It means I have 7 spots to fill, as it currently holds 3 members total. My big focus for the alliance, is passenger counts. I want to be a part of the top 100, and im pretty sure it can be done quite easy if we get the right members :)

    If you are lvl 71 or above, and doing 30k or more a week, im looking forward to hearing from you. I need you to be active, and fly passengers every week. Im playing on ipad, if it has anything to say. Im doing between 60-95k/week, depending on what tasks im doing. Right now, im going for the Luna parks by flying the space maps. This also means, that I will get quiet a few QL, so expect space missions on a regular basis. If you join the alliance, I will make a facebook messenger chat, so we can communicate.

    Any questions, just ask :) thank you :)
  2. Dafsade

    Dafsade Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    PM me :)
    Sorry but... Like Austin Powers ? ?

    Anyway, welcome and good luck to find players :D !
  3. Ehm no? Haven’t seen it ;) Im a gold member in airport city, with the extra fuel, no breakdowns etc.
  4. Dafsade

    Dafsade Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    PM me :)
    ah ah :D ! I understood :), it was a joke. But, you should Watch it ! Good British film !
  5. Just small tip for you complete your signature (add information about your game) this will help others to know more about you.
    Wait for sometimes and follow your thread here because of different time zone and some players login 2 times a week to the forum.
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  6. Thank you for the tip, ill do that :) looks like its pretty hard to get high lvl active members :/
  7. Yes. Most are already in alliances, you might have to take lower level and train them up. Which is what most alliances do.
  8. Ok, thought it wasnt going to be that much work sometimes im getting applications for the alliance, and there is often a long while where I wont get any. Its really weird I think, its the same with friends :s
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  9. Fly around here for a while, get to know people, get neighbours from the forum etc and maybe youll have luck. People here tend to go to alliances where they know people already in them. Youve only just joined the forum, so people dont know who you are.

    On a personal note, I'd remove the fact you're a gold member. Its not a status recognised by many, if any. You spend money; ok for you. Many people here dont and the fact you say you do, will put a lot of people off.
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  10. Thats noted and changed, thank you for the heads up :) When you say fly around, what do you mean exactly?
  11. Join peoples launches, answer threads, ask questions etc so people get to see your name and knkw who you are.
  12. Got it! Thanks :)
  13. Dem

    Dem 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

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