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iOS Lost all my neighbors! Where are you all?

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Duck Airport, 25 July 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I know I can be a noisy person sometimes but there is no need for all my neighbors to disappear yesterday afternoon!
    Not sure if it is something to do with being on holiday in an area with a very weak WiFi and no 4g but one bar on 3G.... very frustrating just building up a good selection of neighbors now all gone!
    Tried to contact GI support but only interactive talk available not good if you have poor WiFi and poor data connection !
    GI what do I do get them back again?

  2. Hi @Duck Airport !!

    I just checked in my neighbour list, and you are in ! We are still neighbour :D !

    So, maybe you are right, it must be because of network !
  3. Thank you.... I have been onto support and reinstalled as they suggested but still no neighbours!

  4. Is it still the same friend code ?
  5. Yes it is still the same friend code I have just checked..
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  6. and, when you add someone who was your neighbour, does it tell you "request sent" ? or does it tell you Nothing ?
  7. I haven’t tried that way yet!
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  8. At least it accepted the weekend code and gave me the money
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  9. Fortunately ! :D !
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  10. They have all returned.... the neighbours!
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  11. I had an A Duck sitting in my waiting list - I'm assuming that is you since your other game is showing Zzzz. Anyway - accepted. :):)
  12. ah great ! ! do you know what happened ? ?
    I saw you sleeping (ZZzz) in my neighbour list !
  13. I don’t know what happened one minute gone then 5 days later all back!
  14. Thank you Duck is awake now!
  15. Strange ! anyway, I see you as active in my neighbour list :D !
    Duck Airport likes this.

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