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In Game Chat

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Desrex, 7 December 2017.

  1. Desrex

    Desrex Active Member

    Jonathan jej
    for love of God I just want to whisper to a dude in my alliance to get his ass in gear this week but I can't cause this is the only game that has guilds but no chat.

    I'm sorry in advance if this has been brought up before but I'm just wondering why is is not a function in the game
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  2. i think there are already threads regarding that. but yes that would be very great if we would have an ingame chat!
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  3. diwata

    diwata 800+ Star Club

    We had one at one point but it was a hit and miss. Then it was removed. Not sure why. We've been asking for it for years.
  4. You could try a little trick I’ve learned recently - change your game name to “xxxpullyourfingerout” (or something creative like that) and then send gifts each day. o_O:LOL::ROFLMAO::D

    I’m fairly sure that I read recently that GI are still trying to get that feature back into the game but testing has been buggy. Fingers crossed.
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  5. hopefully that will come back once :)
  6. Rick

    Rick Member

    Agree that some sort of chat is needed to make this game more enjoyable (even if it's just chat within your alliance). Letting your alliance know what you need, kicking their butt into gear when needed or simply letting them know when you'll be off line for more than a few days.
  7. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    We already have a better thing: www.airportcitygame.com
    Rule #1 : Don't play with people who are not on the forum.
    Rule #2 : Don't complain on the forum about people not on the forum.
  8. Therkyn

    Therkyn Member


    Really dont want this feature as a parent. All of these multiplayer things want people talking to the kid... ummm no. People are wack. Teens are wack. Teen boys are the worst. That said, if they implement it, would be happy to have a checkbox to not have it. Or, at least make it more discreet ala HayDay.

    For me, I can ignore it, no biggie. But it just makes me cringe that games these days are not designed for local multiplayer, only online multi.

    P.S. The irony is that I didnt share AC with my son because its very fiddly and requires either extreme patience or a big wallet. Seriously, think about the planning and delay to get an Aztec Temple. He has neither. I can only imagine the greeny demand if that occurred.
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  9. agent L is spot on. Even if you could chat with non forum members as neighbors they’d still likely just ignore you or not communicate the way you want

    Heck - I’ve had a few neighbors who joined here and still not use the forum to gift or communicate. I dealt with it for awhile by just not returning gifts but even when that didn’t work I just removed them. If they want to participate in the forum then I will re add them happily
  10. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle VIP Flyer Active Member 1000+ Star Club

    PM or tag for any request
    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    We could all send Mitlain a friendly message with in-game chat... :sneaky:

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