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Holiday Rush 2018 - Reward

Discussion in 'Airport City Quests and Star Club forum' started by Husam, 3 December 2018.

  1. Please post a picture (screenshot) of the completion page or of the reward.
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  2. 133A7308-0724-4945-802C-98199A6AE32B.png Done!
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  3. Finished!

    Attached Files:

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  4. Complete - and now working my way to the 10,000 snowflakes. :D Thanks in advance for the reward.Holiday Rush 2018.JPG
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  5. Event finnished Thanks

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  6. Event Completed, Thank You


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  8. Event completed. Thank you for the reward!

  9. Cosmic Blue

    Cosmic Blue Administrator Active Member

    Windows PC
    yarcb (windows pc)
    medal created and awarded up to this point.
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  11. Completed, thank you!

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  12. Completed, easy , thank you in advance for reward .

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  13. Event completed. Now on to the 10.000 snowflakes :D

  14. All done, thanks :).
  15. Done, thanks

  16. Event completed. Very rushing moment :nurse::nurse:
    Thanks to everyone..

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  17. Done, thanks for rewardScreenshot_20181205-123303.jpg
  18. Pakman

    Pakman 900+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Android, iPad, iPhone
    Pakman (iPad) Pakman2 (iPhone) Pakman13 (ipad2) Pakmangifter (Android)
    Pakman / Pakman2 / Pakman13 / Pakmangifter
    Pakman completed collecting the mugs - time for a cuppa. Good luck all

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  19. Hello.
    Done. Thanks to my neighbors for the help.
    holiday rush.jpg
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