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18 March 2018 at 00:26
25 September 2012
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26 May 1970 (Age: 47)

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Well-Known Member, Male, 47, from London

800+ Star Club VIP Flyer

Member of the 800+ club 19 January 2018

Pakman was last seen:
18 March 2018 at 00:26
    1. Pakman
      Member of the 800+ club
    2. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      sent an invite as we will be neighbors in fairplay 500 alliance.
    3. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      can you send me laminators X4 from your pakman2 account so I can finish the level will send needed items. Thanks
      1. Pakman
        Will have to check if I can still gifts these - haven't updated gift list for a while - my bad
        24 October 2017
    4. Pakman
      Member of the 700+ club
      1. Az1 likes this.
    5. Jay J
      Jay J
      Hello Pakman,
      My minime game lost all neighbors and GI support said they cannot restore friends list.
      Would you please add minime (code: 040ghx0q )
      to your games?
      Thanks in advance.
      1. Pakman
        Sent request from Pakman
        31 January 2017
        Jay J likes this.
      2. Jay J
        Jay J
        Thanks, Pakman. :)
        1 February 2017
    6. BAR SOLE
      BAR SOLE
      Hi Pakman.I am BARSOLE (70/412/9).I added you for the main game and support game.
      My code is aeowyyp 1000 Thank you!
    7. Pakman
      Member of the 600+ club
    8. RobWu
      Hi Pakman, RobWu^2 here. I'd like to visit your planetariums. Would you accept my invitation?
    9. GamingSwiftie
      I seem to have lost your Pakman game from my neighbor list. Mind clearing me from your side so that we can reconnect? (The others seem fine.)
      1. Pakman
        Noted - deleted and sent new invite from Pakman
        4 August 2016
        GamingSwiftie likes this.
    10. Khiez
      hello I,m adding you as my neighbor, pls accept.
    11. Mal
      Could you add me as a neighbour. Biggles857. code a29icmc.
    12. Loverboy Smith
      Loverboy Smith
      Hi Pacman , sent flatbed scanner to your main . Need 2 or 3 . If you will send in Return , Great . I'll try to make it up ta ya the only way I probably can , 20 Fuel . LB
      1. Loverboy Smith
        Loverboy Smith
        Thank you very much !
        14 March 2016
    13. kirsty
      Can you be my neighbour please my code is ak59m11 thank you
    14. Pavolko_Gun
      Hi, my game was hit one month ago with serious bug, all my friends vanished. The only way to get you back linked is that you remove my game from you current and add me again by using my android code aqd0vfv. Could you please do so? Thanks a lot in advance
    15. bjorn
      HI can you add me as friend
      code is allwzfu
    16. Jgm85
      Hi there, is it possible to add me or me add you to help with the Back to School quest. My code is av8gt9k and usernamer is *jgm* Thanks
    17. DarekK
      Are you there? Please add some fuel now if you want keep 1st place.
      1. kirsty
        Can you be my neighbour please my code is ak59m11 thank you
        19 November 2015
    18. Sky -
      Sky -
      I sent you the request. Please add.
      Sky -
      1. Pakman
        Got it and added - thanks
        23 June 2015
    19. PJW
      Can you send me some calibration modules from pakman13. I need 4 more.
    20. Rsorour
      Pakman...what is the status of PK's red launch? I jumped on as well as Theo1977. We are trailing behind you.
      1. Pakman
        Whoops - forgot about this slow launch. Feel free to take any position.
        9 June 2015
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  • About

    26 May 1970 (Age: 47)
    • Android
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    Friend Code:
    Pakman (iPad) Pakman2 (iPhone) Pakman13 (ipad2) Pakmangifter (Android)
    Pakman / Pakman2 / Pakman13 / Pakmangifter
    AC addict ;)



    iPad (Main game) username: Pakman
    Level 80 - Stars 814

    Alliance: Fair Play 500

    ITEMS I NEED (in order of priority) :- E-Reader, Ear Plugs, Fuel(20)(y)

    ITEMS "Pakman" CAN SEND.......All Standard items plus....Nano Coating, Shears, Ultrasonic Flaw, Detector, Air Shower, Patrol Robot, High Speed Elevator, Trackball, Snow Shovel, Limestone slab, StraitJacket, Chainsaw, Boring Machine, Bed, E-reader, 2 of Hearts, Pocket Knife, Old Lantern, Snowball, Sleigh Cover, Bench, Calibration Module, Bright Lantern, Crucible, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop, Butterfly Net, All-Inclusive Bracelet, Imprinter, Chocolate Candies, Paint, Welder, Tour Review, Dispatcher Console, Sandbag, Fuel(20), Video Wall, Spaceship Engine, Protective Cover, Textbook, Cognac, Jet Engine, Whiteboard, Power Source, Communication Antenna, Perfume, Fluorescent Lamp, Smoke Detector, Server Reck, Landing Gear, Weather Display, Fire Extinguisher, Master Plan, Gyroscope, TV Panels, Flatwork Ironer, (L7 gift back items Beverage Cooler, Walkie Talkie, Fax), (L8 gift back items -Router, VoIP Phone, Laser Rangefinder), (L9 gift back items -Coffee Machine - others TBC), (L10 gift back items - Currency Detector, Flatbed Scanner). Horn Antenna gift back.
    iPhone username: Pakman2 (primary support game)
    Level 70 - Stars 420

    Alliance : Long Alliance

    ITEMS I NEED (in order of priority):- Earplugs, Add Radar

    ITEMS "Pakman2" CAN SEND..All standards items plus...Granite Slab, StraitJacket, Chainshaw, Hammer Drill, Bed, E-reader, 5 of Hearts, Magic Mirror, Goal Posts, Pneumatic Cutter, Leydon Jar, Centrifuge, Glazing Machine, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop, Sickles, Butterfly Net, Bath Towel, Air Conditioner, Chocolate Candies, Generator, Tour Review, Copy Machine, Channel Bar, Fuel(20), Video Wall, Laser Level, Guest Book, Filled Candies, Jet Engine, Calculator, Drill Machine, Spaceship Launch Console, White Gold Braclet, Cash Convertor, Laser Cutter, Cooling Chamber, Machine Oil, Transmitter (Grey), Altimeter, Air Vent Filter, Arch Metal Detector, Headset, Office Chair, X-ray Scanner, Podium, Blanket, Wireless Compass, Washing Machine, Altitude Indicator, Patrol Drone, Motion Sensor, Postal Drone, Explosives Detector, Laminator, Drawing Board.
    Please tag or PM if you send me a neighbour request, so I don't miss it. I have a pretty full airport on Pakman & Pakman2. Also still periodically playing Pakman13 and Pakmangifter (Android)
    Thank you in advance for all your help!!(y)
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