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iOS Help Given to neighbors bug

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by BDS Air, 19 November 2018.

  1. I think the help given to neighbors in the daily tasks means the number of neighbor’s buildings visited each day. Yet how come my task list says 50 but I can only visit 9 neighbors per day, thus can only possibly earn 45 ‘helps’? This seems a bug. All the tasks should at least be possible to the player..

    This bug also occurs on my windows 10 support game.

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  2. You need to reach the next reputation level before being able to complete this task !

    I think it is not a bug !
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  3. I respectfully disagree. You are correct that I will need to reach the next reputation level to complete this task, but, earlier in the game, I would get this task and be able to complete it. Then I reached my current level an the task is not able to be completed.

    Reputation level is increased by providing help to neighbors, which I do. Setting a daily task where it is simply not possible for a player to achieve the task strikes me as an error in programming, ie a bug.

    Yes I can change the task, and have done so when it appears, but yesterday I didn’t see it until after I used my free videos for getting items I needed for my reserve hangar upgrade. Thus it is not possible for me to complete today’s task list. And this will se me back a week in the 25 day set of daily tasks..

    I would ask the developers to fix this. It should be possible for any task to be achievable.
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  4. I add also this in mind:

    As I have noticed, you level increase quicker than reputation level.
    As you could notice, the daily tasks are connected to the level decade. Seems that friend help increase 5 by 5 at each 10 level.

    So this is not necessary a bug, just a decision of the devs to define each target on the level only.

    this is the same thing regarding sending a gift (10 gifts for example) if you have no neighbour at all.
    The game just don"t like at the feasibility.
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  5. I had a similar issue. I either would use a free video to change this or forgo the daily box for that day. It was really annoying but just tried to work around it till I hit 9 hearts.
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  6. It’s noy bug , just need to reach next reputation, it’s happened to me last year , they want you to hurry go next level or use free video .
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  7. I can almost buy this, it is at least reasonable. Still annoying though.

    Hmmm....yes I definitely want to reach the next reputation level, and advance in other ways. But that is kind of the point to playing the game, players want to advance.

    From the advertisers point of view, and it’s business impact, this makes more sense. However, I (and most players?) are going to watch the videos in order to achieve the various in-game goals we are currently working. And there are plenty of these ongoing at any particular point a player may be at. Why penalize the player by preventing them from achieving the daily task (an attractive goal, given the reward) and setting them back on the 25 consecutive day task achievement ( which has an even greater reward)? This, in my view, tends to discourage rather than encourage the play.
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  8. There’s similar situations with the meteo lab flights: you get flights for destinations based on your level, not on the planes you have.
    And btw, at experience level 50+ you should have already reached max reputation level ... unless you leveled up experience too quickly
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  9. Apparently I have leveled up my experience too quickly. Not sure how that happened but it did. It all comes down to the design criteria the developers have. I just got burned a bit.

    But it certainly caused a lively discussion and that has its own appeal.:)
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  10. ArGi1981

    ArGi1981 Active Member

    The daily tasks are different from the 25 day set that ultimately gives you a building. Finishing the daily tasks gives you a Workaholic Set, for the 25 day set all you have to do is open the game on a daily basis.
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  11. Very good to know. I am relieved to hear that. No lost week.
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