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Helicopters are here - Possible bugs and improvements.

Discussion in 'Helicopter Bugs and Issues' started by must_dash, 6 December 2017.

  1. A thread for GI to see any issues and improvements that the helicopter part of the game have or could have.

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  2. 1 comments so far:

    8 hours for the training flight when normal flights are only 4 minutes to an hour long.
    Last edited: 6 December 2017
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  3. I have the update on my iPhone and iPad mini, but it is not yet showing for my iPad games yet - very odd. Also, not out for Windows yet.
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  4. I downloaded on my ipad this morning. Very strange. Cant see it on android yet either
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  5. they have posted somewher, only on ios at this stage, waiting for approval as per usual for others
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  6. And 100 training flights for third star on training flight seems a little excessive. Not a problem but might be a bug.
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  7. Has anybody received a update prompt for Windows? I've had nothing as yet, thanks
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  8. It says in the other thread its not out on windows yet, may this week
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  9. On the daily mission task, the little picture window besides the 3 tasks that need to be completed is empty. This is no way effects the game, but I think this was inadvertently removed with the update.
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  10. Not keen on the list of gifts received that is now alphabetical.
    Can't see the order in which they were sent to know which to return first.
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  11. Well we are usually the last platform...I'm watching the thread now, thanks
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  12. Not necessarily a bug, but it does not appear that any of the new building items are giftable. They can be acquired by flying to certain destinations or with the video for non-Windows gamers.
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  13. Pakman

    Pakman 900+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Android, iPad, iPhone
    Pakman (iPad) Pakman2 (iPhone) Pakman13 (ipad2) Pakmangifter (Android)
    Pakman / Pakman2 / Pakman13 / Pakmangifter
    Pakman2 has updated (iPhone). Romantic passengers in my warehouse appears to have converted to 50 Fuel - nice bug if that's true but probably a miss-labelling. I haven't clicked it yet to see if it adds fuel.
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  14. One of the quests was in Russian (i think)

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  15. Hmmm - 8 hours for a training flight? I think it will take a while to 3-star that one!
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  16. Must used them before they fix the bug ;)
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  17. Vickie2305

    Vickie2305 New Member

    I've updated and got the new helicopter but I've lost all my green money Can I get them back??
  18. Slawsk

    Slawsk Member

    Windows PC
    Slawsk item
    A long shot by it might be that only the first flight takes so long because of the reward from quest - sky captain bonus / I'll speed up it and see how it is on my fuel ring account
    BTW from what I see for now If you're not up for the stars and you can live without this sky captain bonus don't waste any space or resources for anything which comes with helies cause you can gain very little from the flights but you'll need to use more space then that one free expansion and plenty of electricity
    Btw. Anyone built that meteorological lab? How it works?
    Last edited: 6 December 2017
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  19. Flight whilst i sleep i feel :)
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  20. greensmith

    greensmith Administrator 600+ Star Club VIP Flyer Administrator

    Waverly huff
    Waverly huff
    Bugs: My Romantic Passengers turned into regular Passengers. I lost all but one of my Plane of Hearts, Jet-Powered Sleigh, Attack Plane, Carpet Plane and Fighter Jet.
    Don't Like: Alphabetical Gifts Incoming. Please return to listing them in order of receipt.
    Love, Love, Love: The free Expansion. Yeah!
    Love: New Meteorological Lab. Now we can manufacture weather items. Yeah!
    Like a lot: New look and layout for Warehouse. Clean and simple.
    By the way, here's what it takes to level up the Fuel Station H:
    Last edited: 6 December 2017
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