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iOS Haven’t see a Video in about 48 hours

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Tim Shutters, 24 April 2018.

  1. Something appears to be afoot, I haven’t been offered the ability to watch a video for free oil or passengers or chainsaws in a couple days.
  2. 2 things

    1) have you bought any greenies in the last 7 days, this sometimes stops videos for about a week
    2)if not try a full shutdown/reboot of your device, that usually works for me
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  3. Are you sure that if you did not buy airport cash in the last 7 days stop videos ???!!!! (n)
  4. @Husam i have found in the past that if I DO BUY greenies vides do stop for a max of a week, I haven’t bought any for a month or so so this may have changed
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  5. Have bought Greenies in the sale at the weekend @Husam and sponsor videos have reduced down to two a day, as @Blue Jay says after a week the number of videos increases again.
  6. @Blue Jay @TheDarkside
    I think you right because some days i found that the free videos is just 2 or 3 and some days more.
    But buying with real money It has nothing to do with free videos i dont think so.
    Thanks guys (y)
  7. It appears that it was related to a purchase of green cash.

    Thanks to all who replied.
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  8. Defenetly has to do with buying greenies
    i did buy many times in the past and each time after buying the video's stop once it even lasted up to almost 2weeks before i got them back
    i bought 96geens on mo4 account monday and today thursday still no videos so defenetly has to do with buying greens but this isnt fair it feels like beeing punished for buying (n):mad:

    could also be a way to get us to spend those greens as soon as we buy them :mad:
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  9. Maybe to push you to spend also lower level they got 10 videos this happen with me and i did not buy any greenies.
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  10. I made that same purchase, 96 cold hard cash, great deal.

    THANKS MAN!!!!
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