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Forum conversation with several participants : it works !

Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by Dafsade, 13 January 2019.

  1. hi all !

    I just wanted to say (at least) to @Husam @Madge59230 @TeresaLisboa that I can now create conversation with as many participant as I want ! ! I can also add participant to my exisiting conversation ! ! !

    Do you know what happened ? ?

    Anyway, I am happy to be able to do it !
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  2. A glitch that unglitched! Happy that it makes you so happy! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  3. ah ah ! I love when it "unglitches" !
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  4. YES now you became old member in the forum and you can do that :D add many you want :whistle::whistle:
    After one week you will get a award because you complete a year.
    Check your messages you post and the like you received in a year :woot:
    keep going active member (y)
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  5. ah ok ! ! ! ! that's why ! !

    thanks for all @Husam ! and above all, thanks for welcoming me when I joined the forum ! I remember :D !
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  6. @Dafsade I can't believe you've been here a whole year already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on sticking with it. :D:D:D
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  7. ah ah ! ! neither do I :D !
    and thank you very much :D !
    this forum is a really good place to be :D ! thanks to you and some other friends !
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  8. Oh wow - now the conversations will never stop! - I was worried as you have been so quiet, but it took a glitch to do it!
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  9. ah ah ah ! NEVER ! ! :D ! I will floooooooood :D !

    Yes, I was rather busy last few weeks, but I hope I will be able to write as much as I used to do !
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