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First Signature needs

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Bigglesbaz, 26 March 2018.

  1. Bigglesbaz

    Bigglesbaz VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Signature Updated:- Monday 26th March 2018
    Update Timed At:- 20:44 GMT London (UK)
    Operating System:- Windows 10
    My Game Name:- Bigglesbaz
    User Name:- Bigglesbaz
    My Friend Code:- To become neighbours, please PM me first
    Game Status Level:- 18 Star Skills:- 25 Hearts:- 3

    Building Upgrade Items Needed: Terminal (lvl 3) Town Hall (lvl 3) Repair Base (lvl 3) Control Tower (lvl 3)

    Thank you for gifting, but please ensure you check my gift list first for the items I actually need.

    Gift Items Needed From My Neighbours:
    Calculator - Amperemeter - shredder - ergonomic chair - smoke detector

    Gift Items To Neighbours:
    Passengers - empenage - fuel additives - paint

    FLY WELL :)
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  2. This is not a signature it is a post.

    At the top of the page where it shows your name there is a drop down menu and then on that menu there is an option for a signature.

    Check my signature I might have something for you.
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  3. This is a copy paste of @Captain WH Rollins account. Look around the forum at other peoples signature. Do your own which reflects you!
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