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Call to stop participating GI events!

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by kelvint23, 17 May 2019 at 08:14.

  1. GI events are fun but also their way to make money. But their reaction to the recent "It came from outer space" glitch that reset a lot of players' progress is frustrating. Until they come with proper solution rather than "prolonging 3 more days" I suggest all of us stop spending $$ on this event.
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  2. I will never again pay any money to play the game.

    I spent exactly twice in the beginning before I discovered this forum, and felt cheated with some things that’s been going on. So yeah, won’t spend a dime anymore and I still enjoy playing it so far.

    So, I’m taking it easy, nice and slow. Patience is the key.
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  3. I have a budget for AC, and I’m strict about it. But I never spend real money with events. Anyway, my budget shrunk the moment I knew about the forthcoming 100 limit.
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  4. Haven't you guys also noticed how they have been stingy with their reward buildings for the last one year. We should strike for better rewards:rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
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  5. The space base was a good one. But besides that one, I guess the last really good building was the asylum (DK if that’s the name in EN)
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  6. It is indeed the right word assuming they mean a place for people with mental health problems of the serious kind.
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  7. Defending GI isn't exactly popular in these parts, but I think this is a little unfair. The glitch didn't affect all players, I don't know what percentage of the userbase, if anyone actually lost all their progress. I can only speak from personal experience saying that my progress was interrupted for a few hours, but not lost. Extending it by three days, effectively resetting the clock seems more than adequate to allow people the time to complete the event as a do-over.

    The last actual serious event related bug I can remember was around 18 months ago in what I'm going to call the straightjacket event. I can't remember which one it was, but there was a game balance issue that prevented most people from completing it. Apart from that, all we're moaning about is reward buildings we don't like, events being too easy/hard, CBM, drop rates etc. This call to boycott...just feels like overkill, trying to solve a problem (that isn't actually a problem) with fairly excessive force.
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  8. Agree, I have exactly the same policy, also because once I calculated the cost of expansion in real money it was becoming very expensive. Never spent on events, if I cannot complete without spending on an event then I have been defeated! Over the last year that only occurred once because I was on holiday and Internet connection was poor!
    The 100 limit is a game changing moment which I consider to be a point of go or no go! Meaning do I continue with the game and spend as much time as I do or reduce to a very occasional visit or none at all! I have enjoyed it but there is a point where lack of progress can put one off! I don’t know if GI have considered that in there long term plan. Some of the very successful mobile games keep interest by progress with some cash injection £20 or so and they make £millions due to shear volume of people and the perception of getting VFM (value for money) a very fine balance!
    You can see from neighbors and those who are inactive at the 35 to 50 level as this is where you start having to inject a lot of money it puts players off!
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  9. Same here,i stopped spend money for greens the moment that limit was announced .I keep paying for gold sub until limit takes place (secret hope?),then probably ill quit game.
    Last edited: 18 May 2019 at 14:16
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  10. True. So many of my neighbours( over 25) of mine over the last month are now in zzz including those on level 70s.
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  11. In the span of 2 years I've spent average $60 a month on greenies and when they introduced subscriptions I took one. That's not to mention buying nice buildings from some events. But the way they react with this event's glitch has really angered me. It's pure greed.

    As mentioned in the other thread I start to believe it's not a glitch at all, rather an intentional reset. Think about it: so many players quickly progressed in the first 2 days of events (I myself needed only 2 more Some Like It Hot to complete in just day 1). I guess somebody was easy on setting the items drop rate. But whatever it shouldn't be players punished for their own problem.
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  12. I really don’t believe so.
    There’s always a lot of people who finish really fast
    And the drop rates weren’t that amazing to everyone
    Besides, I guess GI really don’t care about that. The core of the events nowadays are the leagues. With that competition GI assures that most people spend their resources on the event.
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  13. Airport City is a game to it’s players, but it is very much a commercial product to Game Insight. And that is always going to cause conflicts between what players want, and what game developers want. We need to stand back a little from our gaming sometimes, and accept that the game is what it is, and the game developers will do exactly what they want.

    I starting serious game playing around 1990 with Microsoft Flight Sim 4. With a side passion of “God Sims” (e.g Civilsation) I have spent many happy hours playing and many angry hours throwing my teddy out of the pram (British form of tantrum) because the game developers had either deliberately or unintentionally (it can be hard to work out which from the outside) programmed a fault. Flight Simulator X is a classic example - having spent hundreds of pounds on a realistic aircraft (A320), flight controls, scenery, weather, clouds and air traffic control, 2 hours into a scheduled flight from Spain to UK you get an “out of memory” message and the game crashes, and all progress is lost. And that happened every time. And it was a known fault. And the solution was to stop using all the add-ons I had spent hundreds of pounds on. And Microsoft decided the game was not profitable enough anyway, and dropped its development. Now that is one very frustrating game. And yet, thousands of people around the world not only still play it, but are deeply passionate about it.

    Sounds like an Airport City type situation to me.

    Airport City is a great game to play. Addictive. Playable anywhere. Fun. Challenging. Deep. Strategic. And it is still fully supported by its developer. But it is not perfect. And GI has to make a good profit from it. And they are always looking for ways to improve that profit without losing too many profitable players. Hence the constant changes. Hence the desire to hook in new players even at the expense of alienating its long established players.

    We all have a choice about whether or not to play and that is the individual players decision to make. If it is still fun, play. When the fun stops stop playing. But don’t give up if you are still enjoying it. You may struggle to find another game that you enjoy playing so much. And you may also lose a lot of like minded online friends too.

    I love playing the game lots. And I have always had the 100 item warehouse limit. And I have found ways to make a great game out of Airport City even with that handicap. :)
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  14. (y) well said
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  15. Boycott all you like - I would guess that around 80-90% of people playing the game are not over level 50. Many of them would be much lower and a coin boosting building is actually quite good for them. I would guess that 95%+ players aren’t in this forum and have no idea about most of the issues we raise here. We are the diehards that have stuck it out a bit longer, and although you could say that we are the faithful, most of GIs income doesn’t come from us.
    Maybe that 60 quid a month could buy some very satisfying games on a PS4 or an XBOX1?
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