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Being called a cheater and a liar

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Blue Aero, 26 January 2016.

  1. I will no longer be playing Airport City. I ***NEVER*** changed the time on my computer and I'm the ***ONLY*** person who has access to it and I'm not only being called a cheater, I'm now being called a liar and will not tolerate that at all.

    Mary Heiden (Game Insight Support)

    Jan 26, 11:04

    Thank you for contacting Game Insight Support Team!
    My name is Mary and I am here to assist you with your concern today.

    I checked your game account details and should inform you that according to our database your game was blocked for changing time/date settings on your device. Please be aware that such activities are not allowed to do while playing the game as they affect it and can help to get an unfair advantage. Out system works automatically and restricts social options in the game if any actions of the kind are detected.

    The limitations can be removed from your account in case the game was blocked for the first time. If it happens again, we will be unable to do it again and your social capabilities will be restricted permanently.
    So we could unblock your account, please follow the procedure:
    1. Set correct time zone, date and time on your device. Note that the settings should be arranged manually. Avoid using the option to adjust anything automatically.
    2. Send me screenshots of these settings on your device. See here for some useful tips on how to make pictures of the screen: http://helpdesk.game-insight.com/hc/en-us/articles/204736517-How-can-I-take-screenshot-on-Windows-8-

    Upon revising the information received I'll revert to you with an update.

    Game Insight Support Team
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  2. Blue Aero,

    -It's a glitch. It's happened to me before and they quickly resolved the problem a couple of times. I believe they're trying to firm the time traveler error ID up. I would not take offense, it's an auto ID intended to catch real cheaters. To be we have to deal w/ them. Cheers (y)
  3. greensmith

    greensmith Administrator 600+ Star Club VIP Flyer Administrator

    Waverly huff
    Waverly huff
    @Blue Aero
    To me, the biggest problem with Airport City is that GI falsely calls honest players cheaters ... while the real cheaters in the Alliance Game and Top 100 Game go unpunished. Perhaps they will fix this some day. Until then, all we can do is hope.
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  4. Loverboy Smith

    Loverboy Smith 150+ Star Club

    Loverboy Smith
    I had same problem . lost 3 Green , Couldn't enter Weekend Code .
  5. Apparently they decided to fix my game and even restore my collections book (the running wild page went missing the same time my game messed up yesterday) --- I threatened to file a complaint with microsoft store over their false accusations and blocking of my game and I also threatened to file an attorney general complaint with my state AG against microsoft (as their agent) since I have spent real money playing this game (much more than I should have - and I definitely would have followed through on the complaints)

    After class I will be sending out airplanes and updating my sig file (fortunately I copied / pasted it into a text file) and will be sending out gifts then. GI owes me an apology over this - I will not stand to be falsely accused of cheating and lying.
  6. Uncle Mans

    Uncle Mans Well-Known Member

    iPad, iPhone
    Uncle Mans
    Consider it a badge of honor that so many of us have. A large number of us were banned from gifting, Top 100, etc., for over a year. Even when some of us got the ability back, it took others even longer.

    GI/Road 404 have a major problem that they just don't know how to deal with.
  7. Well they better deal with it because if it happens to me again, I will be contacting microsoft store as well as the AG in my state (filing against microsoft as agent for GI) I spend real money (and quite a bit) at the microsoft store to play this "free" game and for them to falsely accuse me of cheating is not at all acceptable. They got my game fixed - including the collections book that part was missing - so they can deal with it if they are motivated to. They need an american / western european liaison to help deal with the issues and get them solved without upsetting their PAYING customers.
  8. Uncle Mans

    Uncle Mans Well-Known Member

    iPad, iPhone
    Uncle Mans
    I will say I don't know if anyone has told them they'd get lawyers involved, so that might be interesting.

    I do know they have told people to change Time from Auto to Manual and prove they did it via photos. Not sure why anyone would do that for a game, but....

    Personally I find there "customer support" is blame, blame, blame, give you a code to fix your game. It's like reading off an IT sheet.
  9. I guess I got an apology from GI and an admittance they have a buggy game (I never communicated with them again after the game was fixed) 30 greenies! :) :

    Mary Heiden (Game Insight Support)

    Jan 27, 11:45

    I would like to thank you for taking time and informing our team of the issue that is already being fixed by our specialists. We appreciate your patience and assistance on this matter, and I want to give you a bonus for the inconvenience in the amount of 30 banknotes.
    I understand your reaction to the difficulties you faced when playing our game and I would like to thank you for drawing our attention to this matter.
    I transferred your comment to our developers for consideration and they will certainly take it into account. By sharing your opinion and experience, you are helping us recognize what we do well, and what we need to focus on improving. We do appreciate that you are playing our game and contribute to making the game better and enjoyable.
    In the meantime could you please specify if you do not receive time travellers message anymore?
    Thank you in advance!

    Game Insight Support Team
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  10. Nikhil panchal

    Nikhil panchal New Member

    Android, Facebook
    I wan a this acccaunt to unblock pls halp me.Screenshot_20190109-210654_Airport City.jpg
  11. If this is the first time it has happened to you, consider yourself lucky. I’ve had to sort this rubbish out at least a dozen times with my accounts. You’re now part aof a very large group of people that have not cheated but have had to take a forced 2 or 3 day break. Rest assured, it will happen again. Hope that makes your decision easier.
  12. Just use the link at the bottom of this page "offical web site". And ask for it to be unblocked.

    Its a standard message which doesnt mean youve violated anything, but its the only message they have! Send a photo of you settings page which shows the time is on automatic.
  13. 13 level player with 14000 greens on your account?
  14. Great spot. Or does the poster claim to have spent a couple of thousand bucks on greenies, T11 upgrade and oil refineries too.
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  15. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you use a modded apk. ;););) GI will catch you. :p:p:p
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  16. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Eagle eyes ;) you have.
    I saw the post but didnt notes that :hilarious:
    This is good question 13 level player with 14000 greens on your account?
    Now its clear why they block the account.
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  17. AND a million coins!!!!!!
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  18. I was wondering about those too! Are they even available at lvl 13?? ;)
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  19. Let me check again
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  20. I believe so. Not normally, but you can “unlock early” for like 500 greenies on some items.
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