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Auto-Save fails and loss of progress

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by One Bad Day, 11 April 2014.

  1. One Bad Day

    One Bad Day Well-Known Member

    Android, iPad
    aruc5di - Adroid / Flyerduck - iPad
    OBD - Android / Flyerduck - iPad
    Has anyone ever tried to work out how long you have to be ingame before it saves the progress you make during that visit? I have logged onto my game, cleared my coins, fuel and gifts inside of 5 minutes and closed the game only to log back into the game and have everything reset.

    Case in point: I paid the 400k coins and 4 greenies to upgrade and partially complete the Mission Control Center upgrade lvl 3 so i could see the amount of antenna's i still needed. When i checked today, the Mission control building was reverted back to lvl 2, my coins and greenies were still gone and all the antenna's that you folks have sent me were gone, save the 2 Offset Gregorian's for some reason.

    Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas for a fix? Obviously i can't prove that what i say is accurate as i didn't screen shot my previous upgrading, had no reason to as i didn't expect to have this happen....
  2. melony

    melony 350+ Star Club

    Personally I haven't calculated how long it takes.
    However I've noticed that when I land a couple guest planes before exiting my game my progress with the more important things are not affected anymore.
    Learnt this lesson the hard way when I lost progress during a previous quest.
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  3. It was a bug for a while since several updates ago, and it was supposed to be fixed in one of the recent updates, I guess this new update brought it back. I guess it was never fully fixed, what I would do is to go to a neighbor's airport before I exit the game, so your game progress is saved, that seems to work 95% of the time.
  4. InCoNvEnIeNtE

    InCoNvEnIeNtE Well-Known Member

    ayvpwbz ; ar5a79u ; avyss2h
    Yes it happens sometimes with me too, but i do the same of Long, visit 1 neigbour and it works.
    Or I wait when i see wellcome back inconveniente or type here to get the reward.
    But its vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery stupid!
  5. I have to bring back this topic. Since a couple of weeks I have severe issues with game progress not been saved. But only on my main game, my PC accounts are running smoothly. Has anybody else problems like me or is it my tablet?

  6. I experienced the same issue on Android tablet... several times... So, now, I wait a little before closing the app...
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  7. Well, as it seems, the problem is well-known and the solution is ...( I had also issues with alliance flights today ). I will watch it still, but I am not happy.

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