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AC shortcut items (with multi-language descriptions)

Discussion in 'Airport City Guides' started by Husam, 2 March 2018.

  1. Thanks to: @Jair Alexander (spanish) @luxurycat (German) @Madegwen59 (French) @TeresaLisboa (Portuguese) @vayka1 (Dutch) @KingJJ (Korean)
    First Table flight items
    Also avilable as spreadsheet click the link
    ImageShortcutEnglishDutchFrenchDE-deutsch (german)KoreanPortugueseRussiaSpanish
    [​IMG]FAFuel AdditivesBrandstofadditievenAdditifs pour carburantTreibstoffzusätze연료 첨가제Aditivos de combustível..........Aditivos para combustible
    [​IMG]WCWireless compassDraadloos KompasCompas megnétiqueDrahtloskompass무선 나침반Bússola sem fio..........Brújula digital
    [​IMG]FuelC/CatlyFuel catalystBrandstofkatalysatorCatalyser de carburantTreibstoffkatalysator연료 촉매제Catalisador de combustível..........Catalizador de turbosina
    [​IMG]DIDeicerIjsbestrijderDégivreurEnteisungsmittel방빙 장치Degelador..........Descongelante
    [​IMG]LLLanding LampLandingslampLampe d'atterrisageLandescheinwerfer착륙 램프Farol de pouso..........Lámpara de aterrizaje
    [​IMG]OBOscillating BeaconLichtbakenBalise oscillanteRundumleuchte진동 송신소Farol oscilante..........Baliza oscilante
    [​IMG]SWSpare WireReservewielCâble de rechangeErsatzkabel예비 전선Fio de reposiçãoxxxxxAlambre de repuesto
    [​IMG]LolliFruit LollipopPirulito de frutasSucette aux fruitslecca-lecca alla fruttaxxxxxFruitlollyxxxxxFruchtelutscher (chupeta de frutas)
    [​IMG]SPSpare PropellerReservepropellerHélice de rechangeErsatzpropeller예비 프로펠러Hélice de reposiçãoxxxxxHélice de respuesto
    [​IMG]AttIAttitude IndicatorKunstmatige HorizonOrizzonte artificialeKünstlicher Horizont태도 지표Horizonte artificialxxxxxIndicador de altitud
    [​IMG]ERE readerE-readerLiseuseE-BuchE리더Leitor eletrônicoxxxxxLector electrónico
    [​IMG]FHFuel HoseBrandstofslangTuyau de carburantTreibstoffschlauch연료 호스Mangueira de combustívelxxxxxManguera de combustible
    [​IMG]NMNavigation MoudelNavigatiemoduleModule de navigationNavigationsmodul내비게이션 모듈Módulo de navegaçãoxxxxxMódulo de navegación
    [​IMG]ARAdditional RadarExtra radarRadar supplémentaireZusätzlicher Radar추가 레이더Radar adicionalxxxxxRadar adicional
    [​IMG]Catrg/FCtrg/FlgtCFlight cateringVluchtcateringRestauration en volFlugzeugessen비행 케더링Refeições de vooxxxxxCatering de a bordo
    [​IMG]FSFuel SupplyBrandstoftoevoerRéserve de carburantTreibstoffvorrat보조 연료Suprimento de combustívelxxxxxAbastecimiento de combustible
    [​IMG]EPEarplugsOordopjesProtège-tympansOhrstöpsel귀마개Tampões de ouvidosxxxxxapones para los oídos
    [​IMG]PRTPowerful Radio TransmitterSterke radiozenderEmitteur radio puissantLeistungsstarker Funksender강력한 라디오 송신기Transmissor de rádio potentexxxxxTransmisor de radio de gran potencia
    Last edited: 6 March 2018
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  2. Second Table flight / repair items
    ImageshortcutEnglishDutchFrenchDE-deutsch (german)PortugueseKoreanRussiaSpanish
    [​IMG]PillSleeping PillSlaappilSomnifèreSchlafmittelComprimido para dormir수면제xxxxxxSomnifero
    [​IMG]VRVR HeadsetVR-headsetCasque VRVR-BrilleÓculos de realidade virtualVR 헤드셋xxxxxxGafas RV
    [​IMG]JE / J.engJet EngineStraalmotorMoteur à réactionDüsentriebwerkMotor a jato제트 엔진xxxxxxMotor a reacción
    [​IMG]PSPassenger SeatPassagiersstoelSiège passagerPassagiersitzBanco do passageiro승객 좌석xxxxxxAsiento de pasajero
    [​IMG]AT / TyreAircraft TireVliegtuigbandPneuFlugzeugreifenPneu de aeronave비행기 타이어xxxxxNeumático de avión
    [​IMG]LGLanding GearLandingsgestelTrain d'atterrissageFahrwerkTrem de pouso착륙 장치xxxxxTren de aterrizaje
    [​IMG]Cock / glassCockpit glassCockpitraamVitre du cockpitCockpitscheibeVidro da cabine do piloto조종석 창xxxxxCristal de cabina
    [​IMG]IDIce DetectorIjsdetectorDetecteur de glaceVereisungssensorDetetor de gelo얼음 탐지기xxxxxSensor de hielo
    [​IMG]StabStabilizerxxxxxStabilisateurStabilisatorEstabilizador안정 장치xxxxxEstabilizador
    [​IMG]MspotMassive spotlightGrote SchijnwerperPhare puissantStarker ScheinwerferHolofote grande엄청난 스포트라이트xxxxxFoco enorme
    [​IMG]TeslaTesla lightening rodTeslaParatonnerre TeslaTesla-BlitzableiterPara-raios Tesla테슬라 피뢰침xxxxxPararrayos Tesla
    [​IMG]S.tireSpiked TireSpijkerbandPneu cloutéSpike-ReifenPneu furado스파이크가 박힌 타이어xxxxxRueda con clavos
    [​IMG]NanoNano CoatingNano coatingNano-revêtementNanobeschichtungRevestimento Nano나노 코팅xxxxxNano recubrimiento
    Last edited: 29 March 2018
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  3. this is good thanks everyone for your contribution
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  4. Wow - great job! Congratulations to all of you for your fine work. :)
  5. You are welcome, because this is one reason be part of such nice forum, to learn and to give back.
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  6. Sure is!
    And it was a pleasure to work together :)
    And a hard job for @Husam with those HUGE tables!(y)
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  7. This table is very nice and so helpfull... thanks a lot and great job.
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  8. Wow this is great!! I'll add Korean in the table this weekend.
  9. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    I don't think "cock" and "loli" should be the recommended versions : D
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  10. When you ready let me know i will invite you to the workshop thread there you can do it ;)
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  11. What is recommended ??? :whistle:
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  12. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    It's not about having better alternatives, it's about those 2 having double meaning. "cock" means male genitals, while "loli" means underage but sexually attractive (and/or active) girl (from Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita") :)

    I'd personally go for "CG" or "glass" for Cockpit Glass and "LP" or "pop" for Lollipop. I think it's best to stick with 2-letter scheme.
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  13. I did not aspect that meanings :facepalm: i think you right with this (y)
    Let me see other comments and i copy your post.
  14. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    As I look at the 10 column wide spreadsheet - First Table Flight Items - the last three columns and Second Table Flight items - the last column have spilled out across the far right hand side of the margin. Purely from a presentation perspective, it would be good if this could be adjusted, although I do appreciate it would make the spreadsheet much tighter. I'm assuming the page margins are set, and can not be widened.

    Captain WH Rollins
  15. This a bbcode not php its hard to do what you think about the table bbcode old code use it for forums signature.
    To make it like professional and equal its not work i try many different way and still work on it to find a way to make it look better but if you know some codes will help me appreciated to send me that codes.
  16. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    @Captain WH Rollins This is your screen being too narrow. : ) From 1262px it starts looking ok. The table tries to scale down as I narrow the window but eventually I get what you're describing. Blame Brandstofkatalysator, Treibstoffkatalysator and Fruchtelutscher because those force the column size since they're the longest unbreakable words.
    I am positively surprised, it layouts far, far better than I expected : D

    /edit nevermind, zero-width spaces don't work, apparently.
    Last edited: 3 March 2018
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  17. Don't blame the sheet, it is the german language, which is sometimes disgusting.
  18. vayka1

    vayka1 Well-Known Member

    04m479so + almjced + aaa3pr1 + 0400ag7m
    vayka1 + noya12 + ayon1 + kaito1
    Hi all,
    It was great to work with you and had the opportunity for translating the items into the Dutch language.
    The spreadsheet is now looking good with the pictures shown.
    Thanks guys, hopefully our Dutch gamers will use and understand what everyting means.;);)(y)(y)
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  19. I'm ready ;)
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  20. Exactly my thought! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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