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6.8 Update revisited - Collections

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by crescent moon, 5 July 2018.

  1. Since most of the discussion in the 6.8 update thread is about the gifting snafu and so forth, I thought I would start a new thread about the collections.

    Is anyone else having a real problem with the way we gather our collections now? Especially when trying to gather launch prep? Click on the collections tab, click on the rocket, scroll down to the item you want to collect, wash, rinse, repeat for each and every single one.

    I'm sure the dev team is working on the gifting problem right now, but I really hope they will look at the collections, too. They worked just fine before. Why did they have to change it?
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  2. Same your problem i have.
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  3. Mine have been working the same. I don’t need to scroll...but if I had to scroll each time...then yes it would be a problem...I’m using iOS devices. Is it isolated to certain platforms?
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  4. I play on android and windows and have the same problem on both. It used to be if you gathered a collection, it would show at the bottom of the screen, and you could click on it and go right back to that collection to finish gathering. Not any more. :(
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  5. I play on iOS and I have the same problem than @crescent moon ! And it is very very time consuming !
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  6. That sucks...like I said it’s still the same for me and praying it doesn’t change...maybe it’s a bug they identified and they fixed it before the iOS update since it was last.

    Well @Dafsade ...there goes my theory...So maybe just a bug for some that needs to be fixed.
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  7. Android here, but this issue is not here, it still shows at the bottom, and still can gather the collection by clicking on it.
    Will share screenshot, when it happens again.
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  8. ArGi1981

    ArGi1981 Active Member

    Android here, collection gathering did not change for me: clicking on the collection-icon immediately scrolls down to the finished collection. Same as always.
    Last edited: 6 July 2018
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  9. yes i noticed earlyer and realy disapointing now you got to go scrolling each time to revisit the same collection
    defenetly something that should be braught back next update if you ask me
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  10. Very strange, I’ve noticed no change in my iOS or windows accounts (n)l​
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  11. Maybe Ivan can give us an update on why it affected some games, and not others. But I'm afraid to tag him again.
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  12. He has specifically asked us not to tag him in these threads. It goes on anyway. Either some people aren’t aware that he’s asked us not to or they think their issue is more important than his request. Please, I am not pointing my finger at anyone, it just seems like a general trend.
    People need to be patient and know that he comes in here and reads the comments. Especially threads that he started or where the thread title would appear important to him/GI. I doubt he looks at many launch threads :D. If I came to a (work related) website and found myself tagged in 50 posts, my first thought would be to shut it down and hope my presence had not been logged. :wacky:
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  13. Maybe this thread should be in the bug and glitches area instead of “NEWS”?

    Edit: @Husam
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  14. I agree - this is an inconvenience, not an urgent matter. He'll read it soon, I'm sure. (Maybe he already has, and he's looking into it).

    Yes, it's probably a good idea if @Husam @Cosmic Blue or @Gt city could move it to the bugs & glitches thread. Thanks for the suggestion.
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  15. This issue was in the collections once before last year. I remember it and it drove us nuts.
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  16. Moved is done (y)
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  17. I am sorry, but sometimes I don't understand what you say (not you, each English speaker !) ! And, I feel (I don't think, I feel !) that we don't speak about the same thing !

    Before update, when I gathered a collection, the collection window closed just after gathering and it appeared a little pop-up (on the bottom of the screen) where I was able to see all 5 items of the collection I just gathered. (do you understand what I mean ?). Now, the little pop-up no longer appears !

    @volly , @crescent moon @Renaldo @JayBee Do you understand what I mean ?
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  18. Same here. I see no difference between 6.7 and 6.8 version (about gather the collections). Is it possible the glitches/bugs only for some players?
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  19. Yes, I understand what you are saying. Nothing has changed in my games. Still the same as before.
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  20. Oh ! So, I should open a ticket to G!'s support because it seems to be only few players ! Maybe you too @crescent moon ?

    Thank you @Bob69bob !
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