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what is now with CBM's ????

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Mate, 12 February 2019.

  1. Hi
    Next month are 2 years after last sale for cbm's!
    many player will know this. so cbm's are comming or not!
    if not i think i will not play more because its not fair and its impossible to fight for event rankings! like this now and all others!
    its too impossible to have big airport like all others with cbm and to have same chances in game. its very sad for us which play some years this great game and 2 years ago we dont have enough gold! but see how all buy cbm's and was really happy about this! now we save 2 years gold for cbm's !

    so my answer now!???
    its very easy answer!

    Give Gi us cbm's next month or not?
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  2. I can tell you Ivan has stated in past years that no official announcement will be
    made regarding special sales such as the CBM. So if you must have the answer
    now I am afraid you will not get it short of the CBM sale actually starting.

    I was fairly surprised last time they offered them as I thought they would not ever
    come back. My thinking if players can get these and have a steady supply of
    gold and silver the revenue stream to GI for this game will be decimated.
    With recent changes I think this may be the root cause trying to get that steady
    gold and silver supply minimized.
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  3. @Mate I am not someone who likes all the "business decisions" that get made by GI. And of course, the 100 item warehouse limit sucks.

    If being offered a CBM is your only purpose in playing, you are playing the wrong game. You talk like it is a God given right to receive a CBM offer, but in all honesty it is not our right to receive regular CBM offers. And if I was a shareholder in GI I would be demanding the sacking of whoever invented a scheme (like Casino, Bank, Mint) that deprives a gaming business of it's income.

    It would be nice for us players if GI did suddenly offer CBM's. But I will carry on playing the game even if they never offer CBM again - I did not start playing the game for that purpose alone - I like the challenges of the game, and I accept that I have to pay for my enjoyment of the game. But I respect your right to an opinion that is not the same as mine. :spitoutdummy:
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  4. Partially true. I will never be able to buy land at a reasonable pace. So, sometime in the future I will find myself in a deadlock. I won’t be able to progress any further because I don’t have enough pass buildings and I won’t have enough greenies to expand my land. And I won’t be able nor willing to spend more than I do.
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  5. yes, truh
    i allways say i will stop play but i think i never stop, i can't :LOL::LOL::LOL:
    and if i am owner of the game i never give cbm's :LOL:
    but i will know it ! cant wait next month.
    i think so 90% we become cbm's next month! i hope it ;)

    so answer like this give Gi the right not to give us cbm's! so i think about this! we player must try to fight for it (remove 100 limit) or (cbm's)
    i try, i ask! more i cant do
    Last edited: 12 February 2019
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  6. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
    special offers / deals are exactly that — special offers that might be available once, once a year, or every day. There're literally hundreds of various special offers in every free-to-play game, they provide a certain value for a certain price. By making different ones, game developers eventually find a 'sweet spot' of offering something valuable to the customers for a reasonable price — or go bankrupt if they don't. There's never going to be a public schedule of those deals for obvious reasons, but I guess most players here on the forum know the best time to purchase Airport Cash.

    Tagging us isn't going to change anything here (there's NDA I'm unwilling to break). But if you don't see an offer for 2 years, it's clear it's not working so good for developers, otherwise they'd run it more often.
    Last edited: 13 February 2019
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  7. So here’s an idea for a future deal: find a suitable moment to launch a super mega land sale so that players without cbm can buy land at a reasonable price! 50% off is not enough when that means 50, 80 or even much more greenies a piece! you could even set up progressive discounts: larger discounts for higher expansion levels...
    I understand that this won’t be an interesting deal for your company, if too many players with cbm were still looking for land expansions... but if most of them were already maxed out, then think of how much money could you do with lots of other players buying land as crazy. I believe it’s just a question of data mining to set up the right timing...
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  8. About land prizes, why not cap it at 100 greenies (50 on sale) or something.I have bought so much land so I have reached that point, but now it is getting too expensive to expand more. Think many people agree with me on this. I think you would sell a lot of more land if you cap the price at 100 greenies (50 on sale) or something.

    Or just make it possible to buy like 10, 20, 50 slots at once and get a discount (as you do with greenies and coins).
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  9. ok ty for answer!
    i know all offers whitch Gi give us!
    i play every day 10 h minimum since years! i know the sale too and i buy for 15 euro greenes on monday, give all for romantic passengers but visa not work so bad for me! i think too (someone write in forum ) event coming friday ! but come monday! so if come friday i can buy one week later over 100 greenes for 10 euro, not only 36! now not go!
    maybe its not bad for all to know when new event comming so we can organize us better ;)
    however i hope we become this sale one more time! if not it will be really bad and sad for us players which play so long time this great game !
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  10. Plus don't you guys think Its a little unfair that the older players who had this sales are at a more advantage only because they realised about the game earlier than we did? Even if we may not get cbm in future, how about a big unique sale of land and the alike assets maybe once in a year by finding a way to balance GI interests and all players.
    I insist on this since it kind of hurts to see some older players having very huge pieces of land purely benefiting from the cbms while newer players have to constantly make bank purchases to help their game grow!
    Last edited: 13 February 2019
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  11. Another possibility would be if CBM's are only offered at specific time in the game. For example, if a player has reached 500, 600, 700 ... stars and thus gets the opportunity to get one of these coveted buildings as reward. Just a suggestion. :)
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  12. Newer players are 2nd class players (100-limit, hello!). I guess most money comes also from newer players who are still excited and enjoying the game but then will give up after reaching certain level bc they simply can't grow anymore without investing lots of real money (or will take really really long to grow).
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  13. one more stuff!
    why Gi give us eventrankings?
    top 10 are allways players with cbm's!
    this event too will be so when it ends!
    only they can put some 100 of greenes!
    we must pay! ok but how many for top 10?
    not 10/20/50 euro!
    many more!
    its not fairplay
    10 planetariums vs 6 planetariums
    cbm's vs no cbm's
    no limit vs 100 limit

    -if i have cbm's maybe i can pay too for month abbo (gold) like many others but it not go because the 1st one is more space or sometimes event which i need!
    so i give when is sale for greenes but booth are to expencive
    Last edited: 13 February 2019
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  14. Deetee04

    Deetee04 Moderator VIP Flyer Moderator 1000+ Star Club

    To all players looking forward to get CBM: please don’t forget that they only work temporarily (casino 30 days, bank 3 weeks, Mint 6 weeks). I indeed have CBM but they are not active for more then a year due to my lack of gold (I saved 200 for second reserve hangar) so having these buildings on your airport is not a guarantee for greenies. To activate them for the above mentioned periods you have to spend 75 gold (Casino) or 150 gold for bank/Mint every time again. And gold is hard to get as you all know!
    Inactive CBM only give some coins and sometimes an item for collection, nothing special about that.
    But I agree, everybody should have the opportunity to buy them at a certain(seldom) moment, seems fair to me!
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  15. Now I can buy a Flower Airliner for (UK£) £28.99 - which basically produces 110 coins every 6 hours. These event buildings have never attracted me to purchase at any time - the event collectables are easier to get by playing the game - and you get left with a rather average coin producing building that is really very very expensive.

    But if GI offered a (for example) Bank to me for £28.99, that has to be a whole lot more attractive as a purchase. A greenie producing building is in my opinion a good real world purchase.

    Food for thought GI?
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  16. david smith

    david smith 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    209aba02, 20862zbj,04rn9r1c,20xwk96h
    GMRDR,GMRDR3,DS2, g reeper
    yeah i've noticed they do sales when I dont have the $$ to buy
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  17. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle VIP Flyer Active Member 1000+ Star Club

    PM or tag for any request
    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    Prime example of why you’re not getting CBM in AC’s renewed business model: a random offer costing 11€ at half price for a 1 in 10 chance to get a nerfed planetarium, aka the second most desired building... o_O

    #proveuswrong :sneaky:

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  18. Now this is something that has always confused me. As you say, gold is a pretty scarce resource. Given the cost to reactivate is cheaper than the cost to buy, why do people have 6x buildings, rather than one, and then five reactivations. It should work out significantly cheaper to reactivate, and it's arguably a better use of all-important city-side space.

    @andy8758 does raise an interesting philosophical question - how much would we be prepared to pay for a Mint? There's no chance I would ever consider buying one of the event buildings at the prices they stick them in at, but clearly some people do, or they wouldn't offer them. I would probably reconsider if it were a CBM building.
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  19. Back in the day, when red launch prep and fuel was easy to come by, (think golden dice and planetariums), many of us did hundreds of red launches per week. And as a result, had a LOT of gold tokens. This was before there were visa centers, pawn shops, reserve hangar2, etc, etc, there was not a lot of other stuff to spend them on. When I activate, (not as often these days), I only activate 1, but meanwhile, I'm also getting mega drops for mystery bonuses.

    Edit: I might add, I only have 3 each of Mint and Casino, and 2 of the Bank.
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  20. when i see here some answers its not to belive !!! looks so that its not answer from players, looks as from developers!
    why people deffend it to not give us cbm's? and people defend too which have cbm's! coast to many gold, drops are bad......
    its bullsh....
    i know if you have 12 buildings and they are not acktive you get many mystery boxes for clocks, weatherfahn....
    1st price on red rocket are maps which give you goldtockens!
    1st places in all rankings give you gold!
    what you can buy with this?
    supermystery for 10 or yellow planes!
    its all!
    why is 1st price gold if we cant buy more cmb's or acktive cbm'?
    1st is only for players with cbms and maps from rockets too!
    so looks it for me!
    so i show you now my airport and you all can say me what to do with gold!
    sell all s3 and buy s2 :LOL::drowning:

    if we not become more cbms so change prrices on rockets and rankings!
    i not need gold! only for cbms!

    i have s3
    7 condors, 2 thunder, 3 falcon, 1 giant,1 jet, 2 turbo, 1 prop
    s2: 1 condor, 1 thunder, 3 jumbo, 1 big delta, 1 delta, 3 jets

    what do with my gold?

    Last edited: 14 February 2019
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