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Welcome Mary Glover to Airport City Game!

Discussion in 'Alliances' started by Nonnie, 7 August 2018.

  1. Nonnie

    Nonnie New Member

    Hi all. I have been an active player for a few years, I have not used this forum, it’s a little confusing, I was using the one on the game but some how have lost my connection there and it won’t let me log in. Anyway my friend code is usernamenonnie08. I have an alliance Royal Allies and we need some serious flyers. If anyone is interested please join . One open spot and maybe more.

    I accidentally deleted Fuelplease. If you see this or someone is in contact please ask him/her to resend friend request.
  2. Welcome Nonnie/Mary likely the player is not here but perhaps with luck someone might
    have them as a neighbor. Though the forum may seem quite confusing and over whelming,
    it is actually quite intuitive and what an actual forum looks like. For some reason GI uses a
    terrible format with their official forum it is an abomination truly. :D

    If you give it some time I can guarantee you will be very glad you found this community.
    Their are many players here that are willing and able to help you out with any queries about
    the forum and its use. You can send a PM directly to me if you would like and I will be happy
    to answer any questions. Just click my name Wired Parrott to the left and click start a conversation
    in the pop-up box. Also you may want to change the title of your thread to something like
    Royal Allies Needs Serious Flyers. You can do this by clicking on thread tools at the top right
    of your first post and clicking edit title.

    Again welcome to the forum and happy flying. :cool:
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  3. Dont think she'll be able to as the original post was removed due to advertising. It wasn't started by Nonnie.

    Start a new post.
  4. Helen Mc

    Helen Mc Member

    Android, iPhone
    04tab6aa and Helen Mc
    Helen1 and Helen 2
    Hey Nonnie, I’ve sent you some private messages.
    Merrill has contacted Fuelplease for you. I posted a message on Gi’s forum. Hopefully you will be reconnected with him.

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