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iOS WAM flights not counting again

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Franswan, 30 July 2018.

  1. anyone else having this issue? I have put a ticket in and reported it for my new WAM this week. I was unsure whilst trying to finish last week task yesterday which I ran out of time to complete, I now know I was correct.
  2. Some of my flights landing last night didn't count, but they seem to be ok this morning. For me, they seem to quit counting about mid-week for some reason. On one of my games last week, the condor flights quit counting at 35, so I switched to non-alliance flights so I could at least add passengers to alliance total. GI support will only tell you that everything is counting correctly, so don't depend on them to fix the problem. The developers know of the issue, but are unable to duplicate the problem.
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  3. Still having the trouble on my games too. Lost 7 flights this morning. Opposite to Crescent - my flight count seems to be more accurate towards the end of the week and terrible to start.
  4. I have to adjust my statement above. Just landed planes on Crescnt2, (6 Tel Aviv, 2 Kuala Lumpur) and none counted, but they are counting towards stars. Also, my weather station flight is not counting - did it twice, still shows as needing to be completed. Crescnt2 seems to have the biggest problem, my other 2 games may miss a flight here and there, but I'm able to complete the missions.
  5. I also lost half of my alliance flights. Internet connection is stable. So there is a problem with the server of G! I would be happy, if they could admit, that there are sometimes problems with the software. Is this so shameful???
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  6. Android is the same. When I look at Egypt I have done 143 flights but on the alliance tab I have only done 98!:confused:(n):banghead::arghh: Happens every Bl**dy week and G! won't accept there is an issue.
  7. Yes that is exactly what they said.
  8. I have been landing WAM planes and the counter moves up for a while, but strangely reverts back when I check again.
    I have tried speeding up 1 and then 2 planes, but the same things happens. It acknowledges that planes landed but the counter reverts!

    I give up with my Android game.
    On iPad, the counter still works (I think).
  9. All of my games were doing the same thing (android & PC). As near as I could figure, even though I had the alliance mission timer, I still wasn't connected to the server (or whatever it's called). I started spending some time gathering coins, visited a couple of neighbors, took or sent a gift, landed a guest plane - all before I collected my landed flights. I haven't had a flight not count since I started my new routine. I actually was able to complete a 2nd mission this week with all my flights counting. Takes a little longer, but I guess nothing wrong with slowing down and smelling the roses.:)
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  10. My alliance flights are counting correctly this week! :cool: Sometimes can take up to half an hour to show the correct total though, but it eventually corrects.
  11. alliance flights not cointing going up for a sec and goes dowen

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