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Windows Videos not working

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by wydaho, 30 August 2018.

  1. Since the update that had the event, I haven't been able to watch videos on my main game. Contacted support - at first they said I needed to wait for reset. Told them videos hadn't been available for a week and the response was that this happens sometimes. :( It had happened on my support game and I had to wait for an update before it was fixed. Really puts you at a disadvantage when trying to complete alliance flights, build new buildings or rank well in the event.
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  2. I have never been able to watch Videos since i Play this game. I contacted support many times and first answer was the same like yours (this happens sometimes and i have to wait).
    After this answer no Change of Situation. And the next answer from support was: "delete your game and start new". I delete my game and everything worked good.
    I still can't watch vdeos.
  3. Try to do this:
    Dont keep the game open in time reset, close it before the time reset always.
    Start the game and wait about 30 to 50 second dont click any thing just wait sometimes there is popup message show wait for that and remove by click X then:
    1st step check this if there is a free video on both the fuel storage and passenger storage click watch and wait.
    If there is no watch same the picture above go to the fuel storage and check there and if there is no watch then do this:
    2nd step task side open it and keep search where you find watch free video i dont have now because i use it and not come any more for me otherwise i will take a screenshot to show you.

    3rd step click on guest plane and click as you see in the photo Free and run the video.

    If there is no video like what i show you then no chance for you to watch for now but one more thing to do, there is update for windows users before yesterday go to the store and check it.

    If all these steps not work with you then quit the game :p ;)
    Just wait maybe other members have a solution.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestions, @Husam! This morning my videos magically reappeared. Not sure if support or Free2Play fixed something but glad to have them back.

    @hannoverfan - Hope you are able to get your vidoes fixed. Maybe Husam's suggestions will help. :)
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  5. I tried all tips from Husam. But nothing worked...

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