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Windows Videos not working on windows?

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by ItsRalphy, 21 May 2018.

  1. HI - I have a new problem (Windows game) - I no longer get the options to watch videos for free upgrades etc - anyone else got this problem????
  2. I was able to play a video this morning.
  3. Oh no, that means it could be me! - maybe I have hit a setting somewhere?
  4. Just checked @ItsRalphy and watched a couple of videos:confused::)
  5. I cannot watch videos I've checked from the largest to the smallest of buildings and still nothing. I watched one video last night after reset and went to bed and nothing this morning.
  6. I have raised a fault - I have built helicopter buildings on the basis I would be able to complete from videos, but am likely to run out of fuel and be grounded first!
  7. Videos back - whoop whoop!
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  8. WrongWay

    WrongWay Active Member

    Windows PC
    W.W. Feldman
    Videos have been more than generous the past few days,,,completed Mission Control 2 with free videos,,,,and the entire buildings needs for Terminal level 5 were all from videos??? plus speed ups and flights,,,so NO problems on this platform,,,
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  9. cristian

    cristian Well-Known Member

    I have one android account with Duke in town and videos is working. another android account and one windows account with no Duke and no videos :))
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  10. Hope you are all sorted now as it seems ok
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