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Windows unclickable clouds

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Speed, 22 October 2018.

  1. Hi,

    There are times that nothing happens when I click on some of the clouds, it doesn't disappear or drop anything.... it just keeps floating along.... there were times I clicked on one cloud too much that it started chopping trees :LOL: and the cloud was still there floating along. these "unclickable clouds" are sometimes mixed with the regular ones that disappear or drop when clicked. sometimes a restart fixes it, but its starting to happen more often. is this a new feature/difficulty? as if the relocation of the cloud pattern back to the old and inconvenient spot wasn't hard enough already(for medium to larger cities)

    So I was wondering if I was the only one experiencing this and is anyone else having this issue?

    if GI is reading this, maybe you can move the clouds back to the center of bigger cities? just so we don't feel like we're being punished or handicapped for expanding our cities;)
  2. Same happened to me, I guess its really a glitch
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  3. VdW9

    VdW9 Active Member

    The same happened to me too last week after the update. But today it seems back to normal. Fixed?
  4. Yeah, I'm having sporadic issues clicking clouds as well.
  5. Same here. Sometimes it works, sometimes unable to click clouds.
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  6. Same here , nothing drop from cloud plus cloud moved to corner instead of center :(
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  7. I think i read in on for free 2 plays updates there were issues with the clouds, cant recall if it was the 6.13 update, i have read lots of stuff since then :)
  8. I didn’t comment as it didn’t affect me until this morning when 2 clouds are unclickable. They are moving a bit differently from the normal clouds and I wonder if this is the reason...

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