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Amazon Supplemental Acct question - F.20

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Therkyn, 8 December 2017 at 00:22.

  1. Therkyn

    Therkyn Active Member

    Hi, so I read the supplemental account information and it seemed straight forward - run the tutorial, get to lvl 3 and find out if you have F.20. If so, continue to Lvl.10 and see if it remains. Otherwise, delete and restart.

    I've started probably 20 games at this point, I'm 0 for 20 on getting F.20 at lvl 3. Is this something that just doesnt work on Amazon or is it more likely just bad luck. Anyone have an idea on how rare it is? If I go to lvl 10, might I then get F.20?

    I ask because my main account has F.20, but I have no idea if it had it at lvl 3, wasnt on my radar. Was I just that lucky?

    Thanks, -t
  2. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    Dan's Small City
    keep trying. you are having bad luck. If it is F20 at level 3 it will be at level 10 too.
  3. JayBee

    JayBee Active Member

    JayJay(+urgent item needs)
    At level 3, you can scroll to see if you will get F20 when you reach level 10. You won’t actually be able to use the F20 until you reach level 10.
  4. Therkyn

    Therkyn Active Member

    Ah! Well, that's probably my problem! So much clearer. Thanks. -t

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