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Reserve hanger 2 slot

Discussion in 'Alliance Questions' started by AMG, 19 December 2018.

  1. Hi
    I am about to buy reserve hanger 2 cost 200 gold 2000 silver , and I know all the cost of upgrading.
    I need information about how many slots per upgrade and how many free slot , and how much cost per slot .

    Hope i find the answer before I buy it .
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  3. Thank you very much , yes it’s good answer ;)
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  4. So basically each level gives you 2 free and 2 locked and at level 5 you have 10 free and 10 locked???
    Last edited: 20 December 2018
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  5. Thank you ;)
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  6. Sorry, that was a question not a statement. I should have added question marks.
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  7. Hope we get answer.
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  8. Hope so. That's what I got out of that thread. Just wanted to verify before I make a huge investment.
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  9. I recently upgraded my RH2. It made new slots available but I still had to spend greenies to open them up. A bit rich, tbh.
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  10. As far as i’ve got but gives an idea of costs - very expensive!! The upgrade just allows you to purchase more slots until you reach the new maximum. 2 free then a shedload of greenies for each new one.

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  12. Sajil

    Sajil New Member

    Hi Kevin,

    Could you please explain me, how many free slots available at 1st level and how many to buy with greenies and also howmany geenies required ?
  13. Hello, sorry I can’t remember how much the first level was. Once you pay the gold tokens to build it I think you get two free slots then the rest have to be bought with greenies. These start off quite reasonable but go up each time until you fill all slots then you have to buy the next level again for gold tokens and the same happens again, 2 free then greenies for more slots.
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