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Raise The Experience Level

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by BrianIsFlyin, 13 November 2018.

  1. Free2Play
    Is there any chance of GI raising the level of experience?
    I see so many players, here in forum, in other forums and on neighbor list that are at level 80.
    I know from other online games, that quite often players get bored, because they no longer can make any achievements other than alliance, daily missions or event challenges.
    As someone who took up programming many years ago, knowing that adding too many expansions to land, details to buildings, aircraft, vehicles or other, it does become a bit of a challenge for the servers to keep up with the processing. That challenge increases, even more so, when you have a game that, there are an unlimited number of possibilities to how someone moves through the game, designs a city, races through a city or countryside.
    Just a question though really about experience cap being raised.
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  2. Good idea! Hope it will be combined with a huge update with new destinations etc. Hoping the exp. level can go up to lvl 100 or so.
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  3. It's possible an increase in levels will be coming. I noticed a poll recently on AC facebook asking people what level they are at. A surprising number are at high 70s and 80, so maybe they're going to consider it.
    Yes, new destinations would be great!
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  4. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    I would really like to see the game of Airport City extended, it certainly does need to be. I do however think it is going to be a considerable amount of time, before we see any of the following new features introduced to the game, via an update:

    Game Features
    new game levels 81 - 100
    new game experience levels
    new plane and new runway (Level 8)
    new flight destinations for the new plane (11 new destinations)
    new plane to be possibly housed in Condor hangar (Level 7)​

    These new game features will come with a heavy price tag, but that is to be expected towards the top end of the gaming spectrum.

    Captain WH Rollins
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