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Players in alliances not contributing

Discussion in 'Alliances' started by Franswan, 13 February 2018.

  1. I’m now in my second alliance and I’m having same issues same as before 2 players not contributing to weekly task I understand that it may not be possible every week but someone every week not contributing is frustrating. I’m not owner but if I was after a few weeks of not contributing they would be gone. Maybe I’m too harsh but I know they are playing by number of passengers.
  2. If you cannot contact your team in the alliance its not worth to be a part of that alliance the same with the owner of the alliance should contact every one in the group.
    Here in the forum there is many players they request for new members and they contact each other.
    Now its up to you wanna stay in the same alliance or look to this link and see who need players to join the alliance and start to contact them.
    This game without contact your neighbors and your team in the alliance it will be more difficult.
    Good for you that you came to this forum (y)
    Also you can join players doing launches (y)
    Good Luck
    Last edited: 13 February 2018
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  3. Angie

    Angie VIP Flyer 350+ Star Club Active Member

    I have sent you a private message, Franswan, please read and reply as quickly as possible. Many thanks, Angela
  4. Send reply in private message
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  5. Send you a pm
  6. Just letting everyone know I joined a new alliance.
  7. I am in an alliance where the owner has never done a single task...:confused:
  8. Leave!

    There are others around. Get a forum based one.
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  9. Me, too.
    The alliance owner has never completed a single task, and this has been going on for 4 weeks. Only me (and one other member) contributed to the alliance task. I will leave the alliance after maintenance.
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  10. Melisa

    Melisa New Member

    We are looking for a new alliance member!
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  11. CajsaMacD

    CajsaMacD Member

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