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people not care about launching rules !!!

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Mate, 15 April 2019.

  1. hi i try to send pm but not go!
    ok its not forum member!

    why this "Kevin" launch me 2 hours?
    i write in my name wait 2 ql
    he see it, he see too i kick 2 players out , he join, put 120 fuel and launch us :(
    stupid! because he now we all fly 2h!
    i delate him now and say all friends to delate him too because it is not 1st time and one more player i put out which launch me 2 hours
    many people here from forum dont care about launching rules too and its sad
    please be careful next time when you join others
    my rocket is closed now you!

    my game name was
    Mate OB_wait 3QL
    "wait 3QL" !!!!
    people dont care about rules like many others here!
    now i delate all, not more 2nd chance from my side
    maybe people learn, some others too

    if you ( the people here) not like my rules please delate me or not join me more

    the best is after i put out this booth from my launch i change my name in
    idiots wait 2 ql

    what happens? kevin join and launch for 2 hours :banghead::banghead:(n):nailbiting:

    not start my rocket wit only 1 ql
    never do it
    not put any fuel in my rocket if is only 1 ql in and over 2000 fuel !!!

    Last edited: 15 April 2019
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  2. @Mate Unfortunately, the person you are looking for is not @Kevin1010 He goes by Kev:*** in his game name. You are probably looking for someone else who is not on the forum.

    I understand where you are coming from. I only launch with forum neighbors for this reason. Everyone on here understands the rules and if a mistake is made (which I have done a few times) it is easy to contact someone and apologize. I believe many of us only launch with forum neighbors for this same reason.
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  3. ok thx, sorry my mistake! i change the post now!
    someone say me its he! but i write if is not he forgett it!
    but i have big problem with 2 h launches!
    many from here too not care about rules
    i delate now all which not care about it
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  4. Its Ok sometimes happen ;)
    I check his signature
    Signature Updated:- 06 march 2019
    Operating System:- iOS IPhone
    My Game Name:- Kev:in need items
    My Friend Code:- 03m4zpz4
    Game Status Level:- 77
    Star Skills:- 371 Hearts:- 9
    Alliance:- InFlight
    He is not the same person in your launch :facepalm::D
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  5. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 350+ Star Club

    Indeed that was not me..
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  6. sorry
    to many Kevin profiles in this game :LOL:
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  7. Kevin1010

    Kevin1010 350+ Star Club

    Haha u can add my support i have allready added you!
    Kevsup1 is the name check your invites
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