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Windows No Reset of Daily Gifts

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Mouse, 21 September 2018.

  1. Hello,
    I’m having problems with my Windows game. Three times this week it didn’t properly reset and I’ve been unable to send out my daily gifts. I’ve heard of this happening to others, but three times in one week is ridiculous!

    Does anyone have a suggestion to resolve this issue? Thanks
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  2. No suggestion, happen to me and many others but not with all accounts and there is one account for me android every month should happen 2 times from a log time and Gi check it out and say there is nothing to do only i think the main reason is the internet speed 2 days back i try something when i read that 2 members happen to them same thing so i try this,
    I start to download a movie that take all the speed for the net same time i start the game in windows and android all in same WiFi i found that the game freeze many times and cannot accept gifts and when i stop downloading the movie then i can accept but something happen that there is a gifts missing because i click on them when the movie is downloading with full speed they did not stored.
    Thats why Gi support always say check your internet connection.
    When i send also maybe my neighbor will not received the gift.
    I think if the net slow down the reset not happen because its connected with Gi server and that server need high speed as you know sometimes there is windows update and this will take the full speed maybe you start the game in that moment.
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  3. Thank you for that feedback. I too was thinking it was possibly related to internet connection/speed. Of the last two times it happened...1st time the computer was in a part of our home that away from the router with weaker connection and 2nd time (today) there were multiple delays/pauses as the game opened. Sounds as if I might need to check with my internet provider. Thanks again!

    Happy to hear any others ideas/experiences from others (y)
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  4. pete blake

    pete blake 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    I have had the same issue with gifts recently. Upload and download speeds are all good. Now, if I close the game and try to re-open, it just crashes continually. I need to reboot my PC every time I want to re-open the game.

    Support says "send a screenshot". Doh!
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  5. It’s been happening on my Windows game from time to time as well. I now always do a fresh reboot prior to opening the acc and give it a few minutes to settle running different processes. I’ve also trimmed the number of programs that load and run in the background during startup.
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  6. It just happened to me today on my Windows acc. Both my gifts and neighbour visits haven't refresh since yesterday. Is there any solution for this? or should I expect this to get fixed by itself?
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  7. Read bobs post above.
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  8. I've tried that and the only thing that it solved was the game closing problem, but not the gift and neighbour visits refresh
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  9. You have to wait till tomorrow. Then do as bob suggests in post 5. Wait a couple of minutes till you open AC and reduce the number of programs that run at the same time. If it continues youll end up taking a ticket.
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  10. Today is my second consecutive day, when the game starts it closes, I do not have a daily mission, I can not send gifts, I can not visit neighbors and I do not have videos, but today it also happened to my support account, I have two accounts with the same problem
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  11. The two games dont share the same google account? That would cause a problem that Gi that could identify. Are they on the same machine or two physically diferent devices. Sounds like you might need a ticket as you have a bootup problem.
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  12. my two accounts are on different devices with different Google accounts, today the first task is to turn on the two devices and wait while breakfast, then make updates on google play to have more time and finally open the games, I'm thinking of not turning off the devices during the night
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  13. Sounds more like bad luck than malicious. Why not put a ticket for one and see what they say. Must admit my tablet i dont turn off except on sunday. Occassionally it reboots itself but till nio I 've not had problems. Others have......
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  14. One other tip (if you’re not already doing it) is that your game must be completely shutdown during the reset period.any attempt by the game to communicate with the server during reset always causes problems. Shut it down a few minutes before, wait until a few minutes after and then do a fresh start.
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  15. today I will leave the two devices on, my main account with the game closed and my account support with the game in the background, tomorrow I inform you of the result
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  16. Today everything works perfect. My main tablet account turned on and game closed start all perfect, my tablet support account turned on and game in the background also works perfect, as my router has a 4G line and another line 5G connect the tablets separately, I hope it works well for a long time
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