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New weekly alliance contest

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by lcs, 21 April 2018.

  1. lcs

    lcs New Member

    I find the current weekly alliance contest boring. Each week you're given three locations and a number of flights that only few are capable of completing. You have to drop everything else you're doing to make hundreds of flights to locations that do nothing for you just to receive something that hardly pays for the expense. And forget about moving more passengers than the players that make top of the list week after week. When the week's finally over, you have about 30 minutes to relax before doing it again.

    Why not make the game a scavenger hunt?

    Give us 15 clues to 15 cities where 15 objects reside. Give each alliance a page to suggest locations that should be tried. Let the leader prioritize the list. First alliance to locate all 15 items wins. After the top 100 alliances have been determined, the contest is over and we can all go back to working on something else, like collecting that certain something needed to upgrade our town hall.

    Yeah, big appetite will probably still walk off with all the gold, but at least the rest of us will have a chance if we're a little smarter and a little luckier.

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