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Name color

Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by Wired Parrott, 5 June 2018.

  1. I noticed a while back that my name when listed in the who is online and when I am tagged
    no longer shows in gold for vip flyer. My current year ends the 1st of next month so not sure
    what happened as it seems to be just me. :unsure:
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  2. One of the Admins will help you with that (y) @Cosmic Blue @greensmith @Gt city soon.
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  3. Cosmic Blue

    Cosmic Blue Administrator Active Member

    Windows PC
    yarcb (windows pc)
    Are we talking about a GI subscription, if yes then you need to take it up with GI as we have nothing to do with it.

    If you are talking about the forum VIP, Dave needs to look at it the next time he is online as it has to do with him only.
  4. Yes forum vip obviously a GI subscription does not have any help in an unofficia forum. :p
    @Wired Parrott see the name not in gold that is what I am referring to. :cool:
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  5. Ask for platinum as compensation :ROFLMAO::hilarious::cool:.
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  6. Maybe a special color because I'm third in wiki contributions. :D
    Of course that is about ten times less than the wikis creator. :whistle:
    I kind of tired of that though it is a huge time suck. :cool:
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  7. My new yearly upgrade has been done we will see if that kicks the color back in
    once it goes through. :whistle:
  8. If it doesn’t, send a ticket to Mary at GI. She’ll get it sorted out very quickly (probably saying that it’s fine at her end and must be your fault :p).
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  9. Dave

    Dave The Captain Administrator 150+ Star Club

    Please Ask
    Sorted (y)
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  10. A few greenies under the table? Encouraging mutual happiness since... forever? :p. Love your work, Dave :)(y).
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    Sweet many thanks. :cool:

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