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Moderation / Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Forum News & Information' started by A Merryflyer, 4 December 2018.

  1. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    @Husam I notice in another thread that is was stated to a passionate player that pointing out players who are cheating in a public thread is not allowed (I assume that is what this sentence means)

    "talking about members in public thread they are cheaters this not allowed"

    I think sharing observations about players - especially those who are gaining significant ranking/reward - whose playing data indicates cheating, is a legitimate sharing of information, and I have done it myself.

    If this is the case, I may not agree with the forum rules or the way in which they are moderated, but I respect them. I am sure they are here someone, but could someone please point me in the direction of the rules/ideals/style of the forum in order that I don't make a mistake in the future.
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  2. What happen he call member in the forum he is cheating and he dont approve that its different between forum member and non forum member.
    So if i say you are cheating just because i saw you in first place in weekly rank and you are member in the forum and i say that in public are you agree with that do you like someone say for you that.
    This is my point its not allowed, everyone here must respect each other many times happen some members talking about Aj and others in public that they cheating and they are spy and no one of the staff members agree with that.
    We talk here about cheater non forum members and we post that in public thread so everyone know those players they are cheating in this case its OK.
    Is it clear now for you (y)
    Last edited: 4 December 2018
  3. This is happen many times during the years and we close all the threads about that in the end if we leave everyone talk about other members then what will happen the forum is to contact with others share information and help others in the game not for talking about other members forum in public.
  4. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    OK, that seems clear enough. I didn't realise Hans was a member of this forum, and therefore @Mate mentioning him in the this forum necessitated a public rebuke from a Moderator.
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  5. its ok, i understand it yesterday!
    i am not long time here, so 2 month and i see this time people write about ydl and his ban so i think its ok! people write too about me and my ban from event and call me too cheater so i think its ok too!
    finaly was not! its ok too!
    before my share was closed 2 people write, call me too here that i drink what is not truh and othet things like i am kid....
    only me become last chance because the other both are long here! are good with moderators ! its not right too!
    in last days i contackt this player, i know him and i send him this schreen shot too, (proof how stars go back) i try to speak with him before i share here but it not go that he understand and allways say i play fair so i try to write here as my last solution with hope that he stop with it!
    for a better game for us all!
    it not go in this forum and i know now!
    rules are rules! i accept it !

    i stop playing since sunday, 3 hours before reset because i see they not give 1!
    so i do my update yesterdsy, leave alliance and say good bye!
    i land planes this week because some boxes from event (its easy 10.000 k, 1 guest plane 9 points, 540 in 1 hour/5400 in 1 day/ 35000 in 1 week = 3 boxes) and next time i watch sometimes in game when is event or something new!
    i stay here in forum too and try to help people because i know many about this game, i know many player too !
    so i think i can help many player here in future! now its all from me atm!
  6. If you have screenshot send it to Gi support and told them that he is cheating and if you contact him here in the forum in private you must respect him and share that in public.
    If you contact him in private and he is not forum member then you can open thread and talk about him in public so other members will know about him and they will avoid him or delete him as neighbor.
    My friend you talking too much and as i see from your message that you want all members agree with you and what happen is simple.
    You call a member in this forum that he is cheater in public thread did you understand or not this my main point not allowed to say to any buddy here a member in this forum he or she cheater in public you must respect that.
  7. yes i write i understand! where is the problem now? i only explain why i do it because i dont know it before that i cant share it here and people write here same about me that i am cheater and nobody say one word!! so now i know!
    i respeckt all here! i talk with many people here in privat chat and help them too!
    i do you a like! one player ask me to give them tips how grow his airport because he dont pay money! i give him some tips but i need so 30 min for it and than i delate here my acount!
    i see its a loby here and i am not welcome!
    i wish you all here the best !
    and have fun in this great game :)
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  8. i dont know how, so i log me out
    please delate my acount here

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