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Knight Fliers is now full

Discussion in 'Alliances' started by BrianIsFlyin, 14 February 2019.

  1. We currently have 1 opening. However, there are other slots that would open up, depending on what you seek in alliance.
    As you all have come to realize, since the alliance part of the game was introduced, there has been a continuous battle between cheaters and GI.
    It seems that once GI has a plan implemented to curb the cheaters, the cheaters figure another way to beat the system.

    Thus it all comes down to being in an alliance and in the top 30 or so, has its own rewards. You get maps, that those not taking part don't get.
    You get the benefits of added, trustworthy friends from around the globe.
    Many alliance team-mates, create their own support games, thus you might possibly get invited to a private fuel ring.
    You might be stuck in a launch with little points to add, and call out to your team-mates and they will assist you when the chips are down.

    That is how a true alliance should be. Knight Fliers, we stand together. It's what keeps us a family.
    PM myself or @crescent moon if you wish to be a part of our family!
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  2. All openings have been filled

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