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Android Is this free gifts?

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by fertob, 7 March 2018.

  1. - deleted -

    Sorry for your inconvenience. (y)
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  2. Dont sell it and dont use it, just keep it for now and later you will need all these planes.
    In the future use what you need and keep others in the warehouse.
    Good Luck (y)
    small advice dont share what you get gifts from Gi just keep it for your self.
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  3. did you notice my gift
    Get ready for another launch
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  4. KingKong

    KingKong 500+ Star Club

    Android, Windows PC
    King- item needed
    People are losing planes and you are gaining them:D. May be you are the lucky one.:p
    If I were you then I would have moved it to the hanger immediately but that doesn't mean they can't take it from you...in the next update.
    Last edited: 7 March 2018
  5. Thanks for the advise @Husam (y)
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  6. I did. Thanks @AshPort

    I have enough preps for next launch, but my internet connection is very slow. Cannot join this time.
  7. This happens from time to time after an update. Random super planes turn up and whilst they can be a huge bonus, THINK very carefully before doing anything. The biggest bonus is that they will be in your warehouse (I doubt GI will go looking for something they don’t know about).

    While they are in your warehouse, they are NOT considered part of your fleet - an important fact when it comes to things like alliance tasks. If you aren’t ready to take the aircraft type on, don’t put it in a hangar - once you do, it can’t go back and if it starts to give you problems you will regret having to make the decision to sell it for peanuts.
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  8. Will we lose them when the event finish?
  9. They cant give better Planes, i have just s3.
    I hope i never lost them.
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  10. I already get my s3 condor to use but i have no enough buildings and level to use. So I cant send it to warehouse and it stuck in my hangar instead of my using entire aircraft. Any way to send it to warehouse again :) ?
  11. No :banghead::arghh:.

    It has nothing to do with the event. They’re with you to stay (hopefully).
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  12. Will we lost it?
  13. KingKong

    KingKong 500+ Star Club

    Android, Windows PC
    King- item needed
    What you have said is absolutely correct....but what most of us don't know about how much they can really see into your account because most of the time I contact them after losing anything without any reason I get the same response
    " We have double checked your game data and you have lost nothing"
    or something similar like this.

    P.S. My previous post was irrespective of the Alliance stuff.:)
  14. I dont move it to the hanger. Just stay in my warehouse. If G! want to take it back, then go ahead. Dont mind.
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  15. No, this is a gift.
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  16. When i received the gift plane i have an empty hangar but they put it in the warehouse instead the hangar its your choice to move the plane.
    I think you click on it that why moved to the hangar.
  17. I moved it to hangar despite i could not use :(
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  18. If you can build more hangars just keep it for the future.
    If you think you dont need it sell it.
  19. How can I get s3 condor in the future ? It takes 3 years at least :)
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  20. KingKong

    KingKong 500+ Star Club

    Android, Windows PC
    King- item needed
    No issue. Was just suggesting...lol
    BTW I got my condor back on its own I lost after the Christmas Event.

    Last edited: 7 March 2018

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