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IOS Down the Rabbit Hole - why so bloody late?!

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Deezer, 9 October 2018.

  1. I have only just been given the upgrade message last night and I look this afternoon to find that silver award daily is already 1000! I'd been wondering for 2-3 days what people's mention of knives and so on was. Now I know.

    How many days has this been on for and is it fair that there's only 8 days left? It seems like it's always iOS players disadvantaged right now!
  2. Actually, IOS updated and event started last Wednesday. Not sure why you didn't get the message sooner. :confused::confused::confused: In fact, I think IOS was first this time.
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  4. Nooooooooooo ‍♂️
  5. I play every day as well!
  6. I reckon I might as well not bother, then...
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Active Member

    Windows PC
    Capt. Parson or CP item
    LOL Seriously??? Try playing on Windows - we ALWAYS get 24 hours less than everyone else.
    Look on the main thread for Down the Rabbit Hole 2018 - the update for Windows is posted half way down the second page!
    Always been that way, probably always will be. I'm not complaining, that's how it is and we are used to it, but please don't try and say IOS players are always disadvantaged.

    Sorry you didn't find out about this event until 6 days in, I hope you still manage to get something out of it - good luck!
  8. david smith

    david smith 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    209aba02, 20xblwtp,04rn9r1c
    I agree, windows players are at a disadvantage
  9. I read that and I'm sorry to hear it! But the last event I think iOS came last... or maybe it was the one before. I forget - they happen all the time
  10. ArGi1981

    ArGi1981 Active Member

    You didn't come last, you just forgot to update:p

    I don't know at what level you are, but I'm close to finishing this Event with 7 days to spare without any bonuses (except for the Fuel Additive, which alone would be a reason for me to participate in all Events). Last year I didn't made it (by far), this year I'm flying with 6 (sometimes 7) planes to Event-destinations. Got me a couple of Event-planes and a few eggs quickly, which made sure I got the rest of the Event finished. Just go for it if you have enough planes (y)
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  11. Go for it! I finished it on 2 games that had not played before. Only bonuses used were fuel additives and bowl of riches (after I got enough keys). Even if you don't finish, you'll get stars, and have a great start for next year. (assuming they offer it again) Plus you'll be getting those fuel and coin rewards each day for your keys.
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  12. Ok, this is a stupid question given I'm on level 67 but I have no idea how to use fuel additives - never have! How do I use them?!
  13. Click on the event icon on the left of your screen, click on the green shopping bag, and you buy it for 250 keys . It starts giving you 2 fuel per minute for 1 hour. It starts automatically, so you can't stockpile them.
  14. Ahhh my mistake - I meant Fuel Catalyst!
  15. Simply enter the store of the event and buy it for 250 keys, you will receive 120 fuel in 1 hour. LuckScreenshot_2018-10-09-20-28-08-492.jpeg
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  16. In the window where you see your flights, each flight has two options to advance the duration of the flight, you can use fuel catalyst at the moment the flight is at the acceleration point. You will visualize the amount of time you reduce the flight
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  17. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    Have you got "automatic download / updates" toggled to yes on your iTunes & App store settings?
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  18. I can't because I run so many it would chew bandwidth!
  19. Don't have 250 keys yet
  20. Jerm

    Jerm Member

    I cant seem to get mushrooms to drop! Not one in the last 3 days...

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