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Android Incompletable Daily Mission

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by zoutron, 6 September 2018.

  1. So yesterday I hit level 51 and today I got the mission "Help given to neighbors (50). This has previously always been 45. The problem being I am only reputation level 6, furthermore there is literally no way i could have gotten to level 7 in the time i've been playing as i've only missed 1 day of collecting, but i'm 99 hearts off the next level.

    Does not completing a daily mission break the daily rewards you get, hopefully not!
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  2. ArGi1981

    ArGi1981 Active Member


    But you can change a mission by clicking the "change"-button and watch a video (y)
  3. i used all my videos for the day. :D It's probably not worth wasting a video on, i'll just miss out on the workaholic set. Cheers for the advice.
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