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I badly need the Items

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Sudip, 11 June 2018.

  1. I am constructing terminal level 8.... If anyone can gift the following items then i will be very thankful to them...

    1. Router - 4
    2. Arcade machine - 4
    3. Smart glass - 4

    I also need the items for
    Repair base level 7
    Sweet factory
    Furniture factory
    Pharmacutical lab....

    I bought all but all are under construction due to lack of items....

    Please help me out..
  2. I cant do any of the terminal stuff but i can send you for one of the factories. I need 2 tunnel freezers for my main account Madge, what would you like first?
  3. I can send tunnel freezer...
  4. Ok I need just one but after you can send me earplugs. I'll send you crucible for your sweets factory
  5. Ok..
  6. You’ll find a fairly consistent message throughout this forum. Don’t build UNTIL you’ve gathered the items needed ;).

    Good luck not having dramas with repair base 7. It is for repairing Condors. Are you anywhere near needing that yet?!?

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