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Grrrr. I feel cheated. Again.

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by PhactorPhil, 14 January 2019.

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  1. << RANT BEGINS>>

    Looks like GI still has some work to do to get rid of the cheaters.

    Since Thursday, I've had a comfortable lead in the first place position for Ashgabat. This morning, my lead by 15-20 flights was holding solid. No where was Hans in the top 10. I leave the game for a a couple hours this afternoon to spend time with the family. I log back 30 minutes prior to week reset to confirm I still have first place, only to find Hans came out of nowhere to grab the 1st slot.

    If the player had been flying all week to work towards the top slot and I had seen his flight numbers going up, I would have been fine thinking he earned his spot.

    Ranking 1.gif

    When one sees an alliance ranking so significantly as an outlier, one - in this case GI - should be able to identify the root cause and implement corrective measures. The top two alliances are at 81 and 52 million, respectively, and the third place is at 3 million, there is an obvious problem.

    Alliance 1.gif

    Much has been said on this topic and i know GI took some action last year as players left the game, but it seems to me that GI has much more work to do.

    << RANT ENDS>>

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. There was some kind of battle between Rainbow and Pinokkio this afternoon/evening changing usernames to things like "Get a life hans" or "good job rainbow" and pax counts went from 500k to 20 million or higher in a couple of cases. It looked like a minority (3-4 in each group), and our old friend Mate was there as well with 3.5m, which seems awfully high to be flying with one account, one device etc. Maybe they would like to share their wisdom, but I doubt it, looks like just plain old cheating from the outside.
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  3. This exact thing happened to me a handful of times last year and I stopped caring about the weekly ratings. I'm glad I haven't thought about them since then because this is still happening.
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  4. What Hans did is normal but this not in 30 minutes its about 1 hours flying with speed fuel.
    You cannot see him in the last hour before the time reset.
    Me and many other players doing the same in the last hour we do speed fly so no one can see from where we came and it will show our name after the reset time.
    I stop doing this way from long time i dont want anyone to be angry from me :D the forum members or someone i know but i am doing this way only with those non forum members or someone i dont know who is.
    For me this normal not cheating ;) thats why some players they fly 1000+ flights from first day so other will understand no way to pass me and dont think about it and then they are moving to other city.
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  5. We had a conversation yesterday at fb Messenger with a lot of others involved in the top alliances.. i tried to be Some kind of a referee.

    Long story short. It looks like its about the calm down. Many people said they Will stop this bullshit and get back to where it belongs.. like the ones involved love aswel.
    Basicly Some did cheat because the others did.
    Everyone knows what is possible and what is not possible. So if u ask me if u see something what is not possible. Just report.
    And even more important keep ur Alliance clean and dont allow anyone to do this very very very sad thing...

    Looking at the alliances now shows you that some are gone of the alliances.

    I really hope that this is a good starting point to get this Amazing game at an honest level. And yesterday i really felt the good intentions of a lot of them.

    Lets see what happens from now on.
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  6. Hans flew over ten million passengers in a matter of hours. It’s not possible legitimately. You’re defending a cheat, it’s beneath you.
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  7. Are you telling me this (You’re defending a cheat, it’s beneath you) in public ??????? this mean that i am cheating too ???
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  8. Now we talk about Hans first of all open your eyes and understand what i am talking about.
    I said about that Hans fly in less than hour to Ashgabat 196 flights this is normal i did it before and many can do that.
    SO i dont care about Hans if he did 10 million or more you got it now.
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  9. You posted in public, so yes, I will absolutely call you out on it publicly. No, it doesn't mean you are cheating, but you are adding legitimacy to cheat by defending their conduct, which in my view, is beneath you. There are three 'issues' here:

    1. Coming from way back in the destination rankings towards the end of the reset is fine by me. Some people see it as unethical, and I also see their point of view, but if you've build up the airport, the fuel reserves and passenger capacity, I think it's a legitimate strategy to chase the target, rather than be it. I think we agree on this part.

    2. Using scripts and mods to ficitiously fly tens of millions of passengers is cheating. It skews the playing field from balanced to fantasy.I would hope we agree on this part to.

    3. Defending those who cheat is also wrong. This is where we seem to disagree. We both know that flying 200 times in an hour to one destination is possible. I believe that flying 200 times in an hour to multiple destinations, flying tens of millions of passengers from two accounts is not possible. You seem to think that as the first one is possible therefore the second one must be OK too. It's not. It's only possible by cheating, and I will continue to call it out as what it is. I don't care who the perpetrators are, whether they are my friends or yours. Cheating is wrong, defending those who cheat is wrong, and friends are honest with each other.
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  10. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
    We've banned some players of the top alliance mentioned above for obvious cheating that was done last night.
    Unfortunately, it was not obvious for our automated anti cheat systems, so clearly we need to improve them further.
    There's a roadmap for those improvements, and we'll try to release them sooner rather than later.

    Of course, you're free to report any suspicious activity to the support team at any time, as well.
    We check the reports, and we ban players if there's enough evidence of the wrongdoing.
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  11. yes some are baned! but allways same with Gi! maybe you can explain why Gi ban all but never Hans1 , Hans2 and this clone with 140 stars ( he fly with it 1000 reds) last week 200, week before 400.......
    he fly 2 week ago 9 mil in some hours!
    last week 20!
    you need more evidence or its maybe he pay so many ????
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  12. all is fineScreenshot_20190113-143031.pngScreenshot_20190114-155638.pngScreenshot_20190114-155638.pngScreenshot_20190114-164807.png
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  13. Thank you for listening, taking immediate action, and for sharing there is a roadmap to improve automated anti-cheat systems.
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  14. Post what in public what ????? i post replying to @PhactorPhil that 196 flights in 1 hour is possible.
    Why you reply to me if you have something about Hans this between you and him did i talk to you, you just show and say that (You’re defending a cheat, it’s beneath you) and now you say it again that he is beneath me and you repeated again if you dont understand what i am talking about then dont reply as you know everyone and you just say what you want to say because you upset from Hans.
    I dont care about your problem with Hans i am here to reply with information that help others so you dont know me to say for me that Hans beneath under me.
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  15. this all Gi have! i write last month with suport and send them all!
    we good player are pissed about what Hans do! this must change! Gi must stop him!
    here one more how stars go back! send it too! so 1 month ago i mean.
    nothing change!Screenshot_20181128-234159.pngScreenshot_20181128-202253.png
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  16. I think you misunderstood what @Husam said in his original comment above. His comment was about 198 flights to one destination in few hours. Its possible.

    He didnt say about 10 millions pax. Check his comment again.
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  17. Exactly (y)
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  18. @Aardvark
    The discussion is at an end between me and you.
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  19. Is it? I don't recall being party to that decision. Your retort that "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Phil" is not a rebuttal to my point, and not how open forums work either. So I reiterate...

    You being able to fly 196 flights in an hour and Hans being able to fly 196 flights in an hour are not the same thing. When you do it, that's all you're doing, or maybe one other destination. When Hans does it, he is doing it to dozens of destinations, which isn't possible. 196 flights to Ashgabat is around 30,000 passengers. When Hans flies 20,000,000 passengers across all the destinations, thats over 650 times what you're doing.

    Could you do 196 flights to Ashbagat whilst also flying another 20m passengers? No, you can't, because it's not possible. Your flying, that we agree is doable represents 1.5% of what Hans is doing, so your claim that "I can do it so he can too" is bogus. You're not comparing like with like. It's a logical fallacy.

    If you want to brag about how many flights you can do in short time, then go for it. I'm sure you're a great player. But please don't do it by legitimising Hans or any other well known cheat.
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  20. AIR RDAM

    AIR RDAM 150+ Star Club

    Android, iPad, Windows PC
    A MC-Items
    Hans needs to be banned, unfortunately GI is reluctant to do so.
    They banned one in our alliance, which I understand.
    BUT they left Hans completely untouched. 3 accounts above 10 million last week and no action is taken up until this point.
    I think I can speak for a lot of us that we all feel cheated by Hans and he has been cheating systematically weekly now for more than a year and no action is taken.
    A lot of people stopped paying for this game because of this reason, I hope GI will think about this once more Free2Play .
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