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Gift box sorting function

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Le petit prince, 22 August 2018.

  1. What would be interesting is in the gift box, a function to sort the items on type. Now the gifts are sorted alphabetically on the name of the sender. Guess that's not a difficult feature to add to the game.
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  2. Another “nice to have” would be sorting gifts alphabetically.
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  3. Like it was before the last update. Too much yoyoing with the gift box. Adapt.
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  4. I wish we could go back to being able to sort gifts by sender name - it would be great to be able to sort by sender, gift name or when received.
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  5. But if you dont know who sent you an item youre looking for, you could go through 100s looking for one item! Any search function would be by name and so totally useless.
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  6. I agree - that's why I would like to have the sort options. Since everyone plays differently, being able to choose by date (or time) received, sender name or gift received should be able to meet 99% of needs.:):):)
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