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Windows GI server connection problems

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Speed, 1 August 2018.

  1. My game has trouble connecting to GI servers or going online. I've sent a ticket more than 24 hours ago but haven't heard from support.

    I can't send or land alliance flights
    I can't send or receive gifts
    I can't visit neighbors

    Sometimes it goes online after waiting 15 minutes or more but then it losses connection after about 5 minutes. so when it starts to work I have less than 5 minutes to land planes and send out a few gifts before it disconnects. and no time to visit neighbors, was only able to visit two yesterday.

    I've spent hours restarting and resetting my PC, modems and routers. nothing seems to work. but my support games don't have any problems using the same internet connection. other Apps and online games work on my PC.

    server connection problem.JPG
  2. I had the same issue last Sunday. But it got solved after daily reset. Maybe it's better to skip a day and start playing from tomorrow than waiting for GI's automated nonsense answer?
  3. it started yesterday.... so does that mean I have to wait until the next weekly reset?

    there was no automated answer about successfully sending a ticket with a ticket number. looks like they are trying to improve that part of their service. using the in game support now redirects you to a FAQ page with an option to submit a ticket anyway
  4. I dont think so this is a server problem, because if it is then most of the players will have the same problem.
    This internet speed connection its happen with one of my account in the tablet because i connect WiFi sometime the speed is low.
    @Speed if you use PC desktop or Laptop switch off and your router switch off for 10 minutes then star on every thing sometime in PC some programs work in back ground and take from the internet speed specially if there update for these programs.
    Also clean up your PC from temporary internet files.
    Send your ticket number to one @Gt city or @AJ in private message (y)
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  5. Thanks @Husam , I've done all the steps you mentioned multiple times since yesterday. My PC is wired to my router and My other AC accounts are working fine. just my main game is having trouble connecting to the server or going online.

    I sent a ticket yesterday but no reply yet and no ticket number. so I'll have to wait for that...
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