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Fuel ring Startup!

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by GAB, 14 March 2018.

  1. Hello fellow flyers!

    I am currently leveling up a fuelring account and was wondering if anyone would join me in a fuel ring? If someone has an open spot in an existing fuel ring I would greatly appreciate joining! :)

    - GAB
  2. I have a place in my fuel ring if you wanna join me.
    Also there is a spreadsheet and waiting list for another fuel rings to join them.
    It is your choice to make your own fuel ring or join my fuel ring or join others fuel ring.
    Good Luck (y)
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  3. @Husam i would like to join your fuel ring my fuel acount will be at level 10 in a bit
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  4. Most welcome :) check your inbox i send you PM
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  5. If you have a spot that would be great! Currently the account is lvl 9
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  6. Sure there is a spot (y)
    I will send you a PM now.
  7. i am level 10 allready

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