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Adventure First Aztec Pyramid

Discussion in 'Airport City Collections' started by Ali, 8 March 2018.

  1. Andy

    Andy Member

    I ran Golden Dice together with Sky Captain and got almost identical drop rates to the OP. Which only ran it with spy Glass. You could be right that the bonuses don't compound. :(
    Also, isn't Spy Glass not supposed to work for these collections? Only for Quests? It clearly worked in this case!
  2. Here is my numbers for my first pyramid
    Used dice for excavations and golden dice on cities

    79 flights to get all 5 cities maps(i have spare 2 chichen itza,3 matchu 5 tollan)
    21 flights to get 6 of the item from Machu Picchu
    8 flights to get 6 of the item from Tollan
    27 flights to get 6 of the item from Quetzalcoatl
    45 flights to get 6 of the item from Tenochititlan
    29 flights to get 6 of the item from Chichen Itza
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  3. Well done (y)
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  4. Énekes Gábor

    Énekes Gábor New Member

    My first Aztec Pyramid

    Tollan - 33 flights / 7 items (1030 oil) (spy glass)
    Machu Picchu - 33 flights / 8 items (1100 oil) (spy glass)
    Quetzalcoatl - 28 fligts / 0 items (spy glass) (i stopped and waited the new update)
    with version 6.7.35 - 33 flights / 8 items (1820 oil) (Golden dice)
    Tenochtitlan - 27 flights / 7 items (1500 oil) (Golden dice)
    Chichen Itza - 19 flights / 7 itmes (1300 oil) (Golden dice)

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