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Do you Need buildings items

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Husam, 23 April 2018.

  1. Please check my signature (y)
    Anyone want to be a neighbor with my account Husam still there is a place send me private message all welcome but no daily gifting because i am already sending for others.
    You can visit my buildings Planetarium, Training center, Astronaut Academy and other buildings ... etc.
    I can help you with buildings items (y) (y)
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  2. I am building another flight catering building...i need help for all those items
  3. which items you need let me check if they are in my list gift i will send you (y)
  4. And also I would recommend spending greens to open extra production in your existing one - I have plenty since doing that.
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  5. @Sudip , I also recommend you bite the bullet and build 6 right away.
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  6. @Husam
    Can you send me Cooling Chamber for my Flight Catering building? Many thanks....

    @Sudip I can send Packaging Machine.
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  7. I have defroster to send
  8. Greenies are hard to get..thats why i am thinking to build another
  9. then your best thing is to do Bob's suggestion.:)
  10. How can i bite it?(n)
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  11. Dan

    Dan Well-Known Member

    Dan's Small City
    6 would be a waste if you have the 100 item limit and don't have the planes to use all of the flight catering.
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  12. Its just an expression. For instance in portuguese we would say
    Take the bull by its horns
    Which means solve the issue now and for good
    Am i right about this meaning @Bob69bob ?
    Last edited: 30 April 2018
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  13. I can confirm that is correct @TeresaLisboa One of the many complications of the english language.
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  14. Absolutely correct.

    As English is my primary language, I should know better than to use slang and local expressions. Having studied Chinese and a bit of German, I sympathise with anybody having to learn English as a second language. IT’S A HORRIBLE LANGUAGE!! Unexplainable inconsistencies everywhere with huge chunks having been bastardised from other languages. So what do we do?? We make it the accepted International Language. BRILLIANT! o_O:banghead:
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  15. With your teeth? ;)
  16. :hungry:
  17. Every language has its inconsistencies and particular expressions. That’s what make languages live and interesting. Check these
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  19. @Husam
    Now I have all Cooling Chamber for my Flight Catering. Thank you very much for your help. (y)
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  20. Any time (y)

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