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iOS Daily Mission, Help given to neighbors - can't attain number

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Jan0987, 14 February 2018.

  1. Hi, I've noticed in the past few weeks that in my Daily Mission, whenever it has "Help given to neighbors", it starts out at 0/50. However, when I visit any neighbors, it shows that the hearts level is 6, and it says "You can still visit 9". That means I can give help 45 times, and I can never reach 50. This was not a problem before, but I recently let a friend play my game and he thinks maybe it's because he visited a neighbor who had "Zzz" on their profile picture that caused some sort of offset to be applied. Has anybody else ever experienced this and remedied it ?
  2. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    Dan's Small City
    Level your hearts up one more time.
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  3. Gt city

    Gt city Administrator 800+ Star Club Administrator Active Member

    Android, iPad
    Gt city 5 | Gt city 3
    Lesson: never give a game to a friend :D

    Never happened that to me, but Daily Mission should be reachable. Wierd.
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  4. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    It's a known problem with simple explanation: The daily mission is based on your player level (58) while the number of visit slots is based on your "visitor level", the hearts (6). It happened because you leveled up the former faster than the latter.
    Yes, it seems unfair, but apparently the issue is so rare that GI never bothered coding solution for it, or it's a deliberate penalty for not visiting enough. Just visit neighbors more.
    It's quite strange that you've never bothered to visit your neighbors enough, maybe you need more neighbors worth visiting?
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  5. Thank you all for your responses. I visit neighbors daily and usually visit the maximum number allowed. It'll be about a month before I reach the next hearts level and then I'll see whether the problem goes away. My friend is actually my boyfriend and he got into my game before I could stop him :eek: (so I started a second game ...)
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  6. Not sure that visiting someone with zzzzs would do this. I've visited loads and haven't noticed anything. More like an irritating bug. Up the hearts and it should go away. If not ticket Gi.
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  7. To put a conclusion to this thread, the problem fixed itself after the multi-day server maintenance about a week ago.
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