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Windows Daily Drop

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Waterlow, 1 November 2018.

  1. Waterlow

    Waterlow Member

    Windows Mobile
    Hello All, Earlier this week I completed the daily drop card, but the mystery building has never appeared. Any ideas?

  2. ArGi1981

    ArGi1981 Active Member

    It's a collection you need to assemble. Each five days you get one item, you need five items to complete the collection. After completing the collection, the MSB is in your inventory (warehouse -> resources-tab).
  3. And if I remember well, if you miss one day it resets
  4. It resets to the start of that week. NOT right back to the beginning.
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  5. Waterlow

    Waterlow Member

    Windows Mobile
    I might be going mad, are we in the middle of the current sets, or did it finish earlier this week?

  6. everyone is different, we didnt even all start on the same day as the upgrade was staggered. Also depends if you have missed any days etc; No one can tell you. have to wait till tomorrow and have a look when the screen pops up.
  7. Not necessarily so.
    You go to your daily task icon, click on the tab more “reddish” and you can see where you are in terms of that series. For example, in my case
  8. Not me who wants to know. He asked if we were all the same. I said no. Thats all.
  9. I know it wasn’t you. I was just pointing out that what you said was not 100% correct and thought you weren’t completely aware of that piece of info, because you said

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  10. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    Thanks for sharing that. Its good information to know. There is so much I wouldn't know about this game without the helpful people on here.
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