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Cannot get three-leaf Clover?

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by flyfire, 17 April 2019 at 06:05.

  1. flyfire

    flyfire Well-Known Member

    Windows PC
    I have about 200+ three-leaf clover left from previous event. I noticed a strange thing in current event. After using sliver sickle collecting Clovers, the total number of three-leaf clover in collections does NOT increase. Is that a bug?
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  2. OneGoldenHeart

    OneGoldenHeart Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    There is 100 limit, so once your total goes below 100 it will start counting.
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  3. No, not a bug. Intelligent game play by Gi. Gone are the days of storing hundreds of event items. Now our max is 100, which quite honestly gives you a good start and means you actually play the event not just use up last years resources. As long as limit stays for event items only and isnt moved to other items in the warehouse!!
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  4. Very often I completely accept your opinion, this time however I completely disagree.
    With this event we have very nice example how 100-limit is simply incompatible with the very basic concepts of this game. I hate doing something without any long-term reason behind but with the 100-limit the further participation in the current event contradicts to my common sense. If I tap on the bunnies, I collect leaves but I no longer need them and if I tap on the flowers, I collect three leaf clovers but I hit the 100 limit, so again no reason to do it. So I decided instead to stop playing the event.
    Obviously the 100-limit has not made the event more interesting, in fact it worked exactly opposite.
    At my level of the game I am not so interested in the event award building except when it is a) a residential building or b) a building with pax bonus with radius 3 or more. Nevertheless I play all events and exchange event items with my neighbors, being focused however on other things - now: I fly to my Jumbo alliance task destinations to 3* them, in other events I 3* the event flights currently up to and including Falcons.
    What I like in this game most is that everyone could have a different goal and doesn't matter is one novice or old player, he/she could have a challenging goals. With the 100 limit however the goals for well advanced players somehow become not achievable - e.g. 3*-ing the alliance maps flights will take ages.
    Free2Play @Ur-quan sorry to tag you guys, but I believe it is good to know a customer opinion of the changes in the game.
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  5. I was only referring to event items nothing else. 100 limit everywhere else is a game killer.
    I dont understand why you need 500 clover for the event next year? You collect clover but use it to collect 100 leaves in the warehouse. Then make sure you also have 100 clover in the warehouse. Quite honestly that will be enough to finish the event a second time. And has the advantage, or maybe disadvantage, of putting everyone in the same place. Someone who finishes in 5 mins and can collect 100s of everything, has an advatange over over others. I say unfair. Just because someone did the event last year why should they have such a huge advantage over a lower player.
    Respect your opinion but for event items, i agree that they should be limited. Why do i need 1300 air magnetometers or 990 baggage tags.? To finish in 5 mins? Whats the point of doing the event?
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  6. As I said, I have now different goals - e.g. right now to fly 250 Jumbo flights in a week so that I can 3* a Jumbo alliance task destination in 4 weeks (given that I get the respective destination available). To be able to do this I would like not to be disturbed to collect under pressure event items - I would prefer to have the event items handy to just finish the event and to be able to fly higher number of flights to 3* the even destinations for higher plane types.
    And exactly the baggage tags and air magnetometers are (in my opinion) wrong example. My goal during the Rock the Sky event will be to 3* all destinations for planes, which I am flying. It means for sure 400 Falcon flights and depends on how I'll advance in the game perhaps 500 Thunderbird flights. So it means I will have to fly 400 (perhaps 900) flights compared to 250-300 flights 2 years ago (TP to P Delta) or 270 flights last year (Jumbo and Giant). In case of events I am trying to 3* the destinations for the active planes, and still I have at least two years to achieve my goals (i.e. to 3* everything up to and incl. Condor) and only in the case that GI does not introduce new levels and new planes. Same applies to It came from Outer Space event (should GI introduces new event destinations there).
    So my opinion stays same: 100-limit is incompatible also with event items (given that to get 3 stars one will need from 400 flight items for Falcon to 600 flight items for Condor).
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