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Cannot fly because & missing Items

Discussion in 'Helicopter Bugs and Issues' started by Husam, 19 December 2017.

  1. helibug.jpg
    In the screenshot Swivel Bearing out of stock if i need to fly to Rideau Falls and show in stock if i want to fly to Niagara Falls.
    I have in stock 9 Swivel Bearing and i cannot fly to Rideau Falls.
    Is that mean if i want to fly to Rideau Falls i need more than 9 Swivel Bearing is that possible ?? or is it a bug ?

    Also what i notes that these items:
    Pyramid Traffic Cone
    Swivel Bearing
    Emergency Parachute
    Tail Rotor
    I have them a lot more than 200 of each enough to complete all flight to Rideu Falls but most of them gone i am talking about 100 or more is missing.
    Last edited: 10 January 2018
  2. Hi @Husam

    My game shows I need 11 Valves, 5 Swivel Bearings and 5 Tail Rotors to fly to Rideau Falls. Maybe you are able to fly to Niagara Falls which needs less that 9 Swivel Bearings, but not Rideau Falls which needs more than 9.

    I can't help with the missing 100s though :(

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  3. Yeah I’ve had 11 items to fly to Rideau as well. So make a couple more. Shame you can’t actually see the requirements, that’s most annoying
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  4. About the missing i think this the reason if i need 10, 11, 12 or more items for each flight then of course the 100 it will gone very fast so thought is missing.
    But is that the flights really need this amount of items :facepalm: if yes so no bug at all.
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  5. This is a bug and they should fixed

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