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Brainstorm: Been thinking a lot

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by RicoB92, 10 March 2018.

  1. Hi there guys!

    As a quite experienced player AND aircraft spotter, I have been thinking a lot about the game lately. In my opinion, there is a lack in reality of the game and I think they should be working on that, but as well some other things which they should change in my opinion.

    Weather Station:
    Some alliance members of mine don't have the thunderbird aircraft and the condor aircraft. Though, for the weather station mission, they have to do flights with those aircraft, G! should really change that for smaller players!!!

    Flights part 1:
    I think the flights as we have aren't really well chosen. For instant: How can a flight to Sydney take 4hours40 and a flight to London 3hours20? I think that's very odd, whilst those airports are about 20 hours of flight away from each other. A flight to Amsterdam takes 8hours40, which means London to Amsterdam, which is normally under 1 hour flying, becomes 5hours20 in this game!?

    Flights part 2:
    I think a lot of airports do miss in the game. Ofcourse we do have maps for some flights, but on that point as well I think they can improve their selves.
    To name a few missing: Where is Frankfurt, Madrid, Brussels, Manchester, Istanbul, Hanoi?
    As well as for the flights only able to reach when there events, like now we have Dublin. I think those airports should be able to reach at any time, but pop up as special flights for these events.
    Point which I DO want to add on this part, is that if they add new flights, I think they should be adding them for all aircraft, so not only the big ones!!

    Airport Services:
    Well, on a normal airport we do have a few things which I really, really miss!!! Where is the police? Fire department? Hospital? Customs? Those things really should be added to the game..

    What is an airport without a cargo department!? Where are the cargo flights? Liege, Memphis, Cologne, Luxembourg, Leipzig? Just to name a few showing up in my mind right now. I think it would be really an adding if you can fly in your own stuff as well. I need beds, blankets, lollipops, pills, VR and earplugs on this point of my game. But which I do have is over 1500 of flight catering, I think it should be great if, with cargo flights, I could be able to fly out stuff I have way too much, and fly in the stuff I need to get further in this game.

    When I buy a new aircraft, it's in the hangar immediately. How is it possible that the aircraft is ready immediately? When I build new houses or commercial buildings, it needs to be build, aircraft should take a few hours/days as well! And then being flight in empty. That's the point where I as well think that they should be adding airfields of the manufacturers. Hamburg Finkenwerder and Toulose for Airbus aircraft, King County and Everett for Boeing aircraft, Embraer Unidade for Embraer aircraft and so on.
    Another point in this one. Pilot training!! How can it be, when I sell for instant my smallest aircraft and I buy a new condor, that without any training, they are possible to fly the biggest aircraft in the game?? Why not train them? Have 3/4 training flights, with empty aircraft?

    I think the neighbor option is to small. I can visit my neighbors and I can send them gifts. I cannot chat with them. That means, for my alliance, that I can't talk to 2 of my 6 other alliance members. There is no communication at all about doing alliance missions, which makes that we do not get any further with our alliance right now.
    Another point I am missing, is the ability to fly directly to my neighbors. This point is little bit written above with the cargo issue I have, why don't add the option that neighbors can fly with some cargo in the plane and they can send cargo back to you as well?

    Please G! MORE OIL!!! I have 14 aircraft right now (not to count the aircraft I got because of the glitch, which will disappear someday for sure I guess)! I fly with 12 aircraft when no aircraft is broken. If I want to send them all off for a flight, I need +/- 600 oil, maximum I can have now is 219. The adding of the oil is to slow as well, because I'm flying with 3 falcons, which means 135 oil each 3 hours, and then the other stuff which is coming in and out all the time..

    This is it for now I guess! Curious what you think about this input! :)

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  2. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle VIP Flyer Active Member 1000+ Star Club

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    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    No, it shouldn't. The game is slow paced as it is. When speeding up prop flights for alliance flights my flow and strategy gets disrupted with such a waiting time for dropping and rebuying low-level planes. Don’t give the devs anymore reasons for implementing speed-ups for greens... :nailbiting:

    Other thoughts:
    • More oil, yes. (y)
    • Training pilots with flights that don't contain passengers, no. That'll only cost that oil we want more of. :sneaky:
    • More non-event destinations even for lower plane types, yes. (y)
    • In-game chat, no thanks. Forum is far more organized and effective. :censored:
    • Cargo, interesting for the non-producibles (VR, e-reader, plugs...). But imaging the cost of it all, though, knowing GI.:rolleyes:
    • Airport or city services, no. A few of those already exist: police station, some hospitals, even a visa center. No need for buildings other than passenger buildings as long as the land epansion prices stay as high as they are. :greedy:
    Maybe you should ask SimCity to add an airport DLC... :p
    Last edited: 21 March 2018

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