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Amazon Appstore required

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by lcs, 18 September 2018.

  1. lcs

    lcs New Member

    Whenever I launch Airport City, I sit there for 30 seconds while waiting for the program to connect to Amazon Game Circle whose only purpose seems to be letting me know that I've been spending way too much time playing Airport City. After that's finally connected (or not), I get a dinosaur-dog animation followed by another 30-50 second wait as Airport City "loads". With luck, I finally get into the game. I start to play, but things are sluggish. After a while the game hangs and the following requester pops up on the screen: "Amazon Appstore required. Amazon Appstore is not installed on your device. Please install Amazon Appstore and sign in to Amazon to use this app. Ok." After clicking on Ok, I'm whisked from the program to Amazon App Store presumably to install Amazon App Store. I can either stop the app or reboot the device to play the game a couple times before this happens again. I'm thinking Amazon App Store is installed on my device. I'm thinking the code that detects Amazon App Store sucks. I've complained to customer support. Nothing much came of it. This problem and ydl are two reasons I don't spend much money on Airport City. Just FYI. Thank you for your time. Fire HD 7 (4th Generation)
  2. I have no idea about Amazon products, but can you delete the App Store and re install?
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  3. lcs

    lcs New Member

    Not that I'm aware. I should mention that the problem is intermittent. I'd say 4 out of 5 times I play AC without being whisked off to the app store that supposedly isn't there. I just started up AC and wound up staring at a blank screen for at least 40 seconds only to find out that the game couldn't connect to Game Circle. Darn! If I knew what Game Circle was, I'd probably care. I complained to G! about that delay a long time ago and was told that G! isn't responsible for code added by Amazon. That's a shame because Amazon is a trillion dollar company and G! isn't. I'm not going to take excruciating delays and being tossed out of a game for stupid reasons out on Amazon because I play numerous other games on the Fire that don't exhibit that problem. Only Airport City. Consequently, Amazon is still a trillion dollar company and G! isn't.
  4. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    Try doing a google search for "fire hd 7 app store" and follow a tutorial for adding Google Play Store to your device. I think you will find that resolves the issue.

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