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General Alliance office and the new buildings questions and answers

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by mo elbo, 9 July 2017.

  1. Why only 3? Couldn't you do a layout like this?....

  2. So the last post in this thread is from July. Has anyone learned anything new since then? Any new tips or suggestions?
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  3. Robby Kusuma

    Robby Kusuma Well-Known Member

    Hello Phill.

    I suggest you not to focus on Alliance shop's buildings....
    The buildings need contract.

    For me I only need the reputation for Reserve Hangar no 2 and Design Center ( I dont have it yet ).
    Other buildings and things (like Planes and others are not so usefull).
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  4. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    I bought a bank branch and got rid of it as soon as I learned about these contracts. Wasn't happy about the 20 gold tokens lost, but oh well.

    WARNING: Auto Collect Rant ahead
    Overall, I am deeply disappointed by GI when it comes to Auto Collecting. I don't think they went about it the best way, hence why I added my own version in the suggestions section of the forum. Nobody in their right mind would use gold tokens for temporary contracts...especially how difficult gold tokens are to achieve. I don't care so much for auto collecting items or even passengers, as the only thing will happen is that there will be a time lag in collecting, and the passenger terminal has a limit anyway. I think the beauty of auto collecting is in coin collecting. Coins are the only things that you can collect an infinite amount of, and we often lose out on a lot of coins as we sleep. With auto collect, you could earn a lot of coins passively.
    What GI shouldve done is to have contracts be paid by a percentage of what was earned from auto collecting. This would make these buildings way more enticing, and people would invest their tokens if they know that the cost to maintain their use was manageable by using coins (or even a small greenie fee for a few days of autocollecting). The buildings have potential, but they need an overhaul. Just my 7 cents.
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  5. augustnightsky

    augustnightsky 600+ Star Club

    Android, iPad, Windows PC
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    Does anyone know the cost of Reserve Hangar 2 Level 5? Need to be in a Level 10 Alliance to see it.

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